Templeton Tonics | Atlas

A few months ago, we were introduced to a new homebrewer under the label, Templeton Tonics. They did a phenomenal job with Summit Pomade, so I decided it would definitely be worthwhile to also try out Atlas. I don't always use oil-based pomades and even more rare nowadays, but there are some that really stand out and find a place on my shelf. I have a feeling this will one of those.


I respect how consistency Templeton Tonics has been in its design work -- despite how distinct each individual jar is. I don't know how else to describe it but it captures this Celtic-like feeling from me -- this druid-esque style that I get from the color scheme and font choice. Either way, it's well done. As for the size, it's a four ounce plastic jar. 


This isn't super applicable to you all since you can choose the scent you want to buy. We should note that this customization is not an easy thing to accomplish as a small homebrewer. This specific smell that I got reminded me a lot of the aroma of the fake flowers at Joann's or Michael's. It's a cinnamon herbal spice. 


Now to the important stuff. This is some smooth shit right here. It is super easy to scoop out and really stays soft.


You will have ABSOLUTELY no problem at all applying this pomade into your hair. It goes in effortlessly. Need it deep down there at the base of your pomp? No problem. Easy.


It's a solid but refined amount of shine. It's best described as a nice luster. I like it because it doesn't make my hair look greasy like some of the other cheap oil-based pomades do. Instead, it really just gives my hair life.


Definitely one of the slickest pomades I've used in a long while. There were no strays at all and everything was kept together in a clean manner. The waxiness doesn't really come out at all in this pomade, so the slickness is not a stickiness. 


I'd put the hold at somewhere between a medium and firm. As you saw in the video, there's a nice bounce to the product as you style it. Something that's unique to oil-based pomades or really oily water-based pomades. 


You may have noticed that my pompadour almost fully formed while I was just combing it all back. It usually happens with a bouncy and well-balanced pomade. I definitely know I'm working with a well-formulated pomade when this happens.


It did a good job today. I was having a lot of people over later after the review, which meant a lot of cooking and cleaning. That entails a lot of heat and movement to truly test how this pomade stands up. Atlas didn't do too shabby of a job at all. For being a medium-firm hold with medium weight, it may have not been a formidable wall, but at the same time, it wasn't fragile. It was flexible but reliable.


You can restyle your hair with a comb or just your fingers. I never had an issue with it falling in my face. Fingers will give you a loose slick back and a comb can recreate your pompadour. As you get deeper into the day, you can expect to loose some volume while retaining the shape.


It feels like a strong conditioner in your hair and with the heat pushing some down onto your scalp, it can make its presence known. However, it's not dense and gunky so not too bothersome. 


It'll take about three showers to fully remove all traces of this pomade.


The buildup isn't a strong and waxy one like we've seen with those strong waxy oil-based pomades. Instead, it's more like a soft paste that keeps your hairs together. The ghost of pomade past.


Overall, I really like this oil-based pomade. It provides me with the advantages of an oil-based and  reigning back most of the downsides. Greasiness enough to just make my hair feel well-moisturized and healthy. It doesn't feel like I'm putting my hair through a harsh process to style it daily. For these reasons, it receives my seal of approval. If you are a loyal oil-based user or one of the few who actually never tried an oil-based before because of all the rumors, then I think this is a friendly option to start with. Shit. It's a good option to keep going with as well.

If you're interested, we offer our promo code THEPOMP to help you save a bit of money on your order as long as it's direct with Templeton Tonics. Thank you for supporting small businesses.