Templeton Tonics | Tonic

Today, we'll be looking at our first hair tonic here on this blog. We've reviewed a grooming sprays (better described as a primer spray) and a sea salt texturizing hair spray, but we've yet to check out an oil-based tonic such as this one. The idea is, at least from my point of view, this tonic seeks to replenish what is typically lost via absorption or vaporization with pomades during the day. It replaces the oils that were lost which then, in theory, revitalizes the pomade and allows you to restyle the buildup in the following day.

This tonic is from Templeton Tonics, and we'll be reviewing it today in combination with the buildup from yesterday's Atlas Pomade.


The same design language is carried through into this tonic; however, I admittedly feel this one lacks the same level of complexity that the pomade jars have. Additionally, simple labeling things are missing such as the volume/size. Nevertheless, the green glass bottle is a very nice touch.


I believe I received the Heritage scent (which is denoted by the handwritten 'H' on the cap). It's a pleasant smell. Deep citrus with herbal musk.


Doesn't really apply here to tonics. It's straight up oils.


My hair drank up the oil pretty quickly so expect to continually finger comb your hair to work it through everything. I'd rather have it like this than the alternative because it makes it less likely that the tonic will get all over my scalp excessively.


It'll add a nice luster and put your hair back at where Atlas Pomade had it.


No strays. 


No strength in this product as a standalone -- though it does really help to rejuvenate the bounce in an oil-based pomade. That's where you'll be getting the volume for your pomp from. 


When you initially get the buildup after a morning shower, it tends to be either soft or real waxy depending on your oil-based pomade. With Atlas pomade, the buildup was soft and pasty. So, the tonic really helped to moisturize everything up again and break down the buildup.


I was worried that this tonic would get absorbed very quickly, and I would need to reapply midday. I'm happy to say that it definitely wasn't the case. This oil was resilient and kept my hair soft throughout the entire day. Even into the night, the oil is still just as present as it was in the morning.


Finger comb or with an actual comb, you can keep your hair where you want it. 


Surprisingly no where as greasy as I was worried about.


Super easy to wash out. Plus, it makes washes out the rest of the residual oil-based pomade even easier than without.


Given my hair type, I would have never guessed that I could fit a hair tonic into my arsenal of choices. My hair doesn't have natural volume at all. I rely heavily on product to get height and shape since it tends to just sit down straight when bare. But now, with the help of this Tonic by Templeton Tonics, I can relax on the weekends without dealing with additional days of product. In fact, I can even use this in the morning if I just want my hair to stay out of my face when running or later at the gym. Seal of approval. 

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