Orien't | Texture Paste

Every once in a while -- when a foreign brand does an exceptional job branding and presenting themselves -- I agree to give it to a go and try them out. This time around it's Orien't. They're a relatively new label out of New Taipei City, Taiwan and based on their website, they've put in some solid effort creating professional content. We'll be looking at their Texture Paste. If it's legit, it may provide our East Asia-based readers with a relatively local and more affordable alternative.


The labeling is minimal but with a style that somehow reminds me a lot of Japanese or Korean salon products. I think it's the metallic effect. I tend to lean more towards the current trend of flat logos. Anyways, it's a well presented jar and the packaging -- not shown here -- is also very well done. The size of the jar is 100mL and not much space is wasted or left empty.


I like it. At first, I couldn't really put a finger on what the smell was, but now I'm pretty sure it's a ginger-based cologne. I say that because it has a cool and refreshing aroma that isn't exactly minty. They're an herbal sweetness to it as well. Either way, I like it.


They got this one very right. It scoops out smoothly and effort -- EXACTLY as a paste should.


It's easy to apply straight out of the jar. After a minute or two with constant agitation, it will begin to settle and bit. It doesn't get all grippy like some less-than-desirable paste products get. Instead, it does get a bit gritty. You'll feel it, but it will not stop your fingers from working through your hair. 




I really like this separation that Texture Paste provide. I have to admit though that it's unlike clay pomades that we usually look at here. It'd be pretty damn difficult to style a clean but matte pomp with this one. You're really encourage to texture up your hair and style a loose pompadour with this paste.


I'd put this product somewhere between a medium and a firm -- pushing more towards firm due to the effects of the grit.


Overall, this makes a very ideal product to work with as long as your goal is to style a loose pompadour. You're strongly pushed down this path, but at the same time, Texture Paste makes the process more than easy.


I definitely put it through a challenging day. As we would expect, the pomp fell apart, but the important thing is whether it keeps my hair out of my face and remains present. It did. My hair never fell onto my face or melted away. It was easy to finger comb it back and rely on it to stay back.


Since the product remain viable throughout the day in your hair, you can always finger comb it back and out of your face. You can also get some of the volume back with a comb.




Definitely nope.


Washes with just water.


I had an unexpectedly frustrating day doing a simple oil change with a homie. My hair getting all up in my face while underneath the car would have been the cherry to top of the cake of shit. However, Texture Paste did a phenomenal job of allowing me to not worry about my hair. Yes, it got messed up, but I didn't have to deal with it flowing in my face -- even with all the wind. It receives my seal of approval. For not only helping me in this one instance but also, for being such a well balanced product. I think it is a more than suitable alternative for those on the other side of the world who want to support a local label.

For more information, you can check out there product listing here.