Parker Provisions | Firm Hold

Parker Provisions is a new brand (at least, to us they're new) out of California that was established very recently in 2017. They caught my eye because of their clean design and a decent lineup of products that expand well beyond just pomade. But, it's their pomade that we'll be focusing on in this review.

Today, it'll be their Firm Hold Natural Pomade. It's marketed as a water-based pomade, but because of the clay content, I feel its much more than that. Let's discuss.


It's a very clean and simple jar. All the branding is directly printed onto the jar which really makes the entire setup pop. The lid is highly contrasted but well-done. The size of the jar is 2 ounces and that places it on the small side of things; however, I think it's important to acknowledge the very reasonable price of this pomade.


The scent is cedar wood, but it's very different from what you'd expect. There are many other cedar scented pomades out there. Smelling them throw you back to elementary school and the time of wooden pencils. Cedar has a super spicy and unique aroma. However, this pomade removes the spice. You can recognize the cedar, but the scent is made much smoother and softer.


Like a cream. No joke. It scoops out amazingly smooth.


You can feel some semblance of grip as you apply, but like the consistency, it applies very smoothly.




There is a dry pastiness that keeps most of your hair together. (We've kept this category as slick instead of texture because this product is marketed as a pomade.) It would be better described as clay grittiness. There is a balancing between dry stick and separation from the clay that allows you to go either way -- clean or loose.


The hold is more accurately described as something between a medium and firm. But, I'll admit that the presence of clay really allows the hold to be use. The volume you get from this pomade is more similar to what you would expect from a firm hold pomade.


Fantastic. It is very easy to use. There's no extremes in this pomade. This makes it balanced and intuitive to use.


As we would expect out of any product that has fantastic texturing capabilities, the endurance is sacrificed. It'll last you through the morning, but late into the day, your pompadour will likely come crashing down into a beautifully textured mess. Embrace it.


You can definitely hold onto a lot of the volume. You can really see it in the video. Despite the heat and wind from today, the product remain present and workable deep into the day.






Add water and shampoo.



This pomade receives my seal of approval for it's ability to be such a pleasure to work with and style with -- all without going to the extreme in any aspect. It's like a reliable daily driver that you can always depend on. Yes, it may not metaphorically have a V8 under the hood, but it's for that exact reason that I like it. Parker Provisions Firm Hold is a high quality water-based pomade that balances convenience and performance.

For more information, check out their website to learn more about their pomade.