The Belafonte

It's been a while, but I promise you The Belafonte has been worth the wait. This pomade has been such a pleasure to use that I almost forgot to review it. This is a collaboration between Shear Revival and Flagship that dropped at the end of last month. It's now available, but I can't say for certain how much longer it'll be around.

As listed, it's a water-based pomade that exudes a firm hold with light weight and matte-neutral finish. We'll run through both where it succeeds and falls short.


The jar definitely falls more along the lines of the Shear Revival aesthetic. You can see the translation from their design language in the style of the ship and water. Also, the metallic ink is much more familiar to the new Shear Revival labels. However, the font choice is very Flagship.

Aside from the cosmetics, it's your standard four ounce jar. All in an amber glass jar which will look very nice on your bathroom counter.


The aroma is sweet like many of the Shear Revival products but isn't complimented with an herbal spice or tartness that's we're accustomed with. As expected in a collaboration, the aroma mixes with some characteristics that are reminiscent of Flagship. The sweetness is instead very sugary and cuts off there. You can read their official list of fragrance notes, but I'll say the sweetness of the vanilla is the most prominent component.


Beautifully creamy. It has an amazing softness when scooping it out that reminds us more of a cream pomade than your average water-based -- especially a firm hold one.


Super easy to apply. 


I'll be honest that this is the only category where they fell far off from what they claimed in the listing. It's not to say it's bad or even good. Matte or shiny is up to you. Nevertheless, this pomade can be more accurately described as having a slight shine -- a luster. It's a bit above neutral.


Despite not being a super oily pomade in any way, it's pretty slick. There's a dry slickness that keeps all your strays together. You can style a clean pompadour or even add some texture to your hair with this pomade.


Solid. I was pleasantly surprised by how much volume I was able to pull out of The Belafonte. With the consistency being what it was, I was hesitant. Typically, pomade that are as smooth as this one tend to lack in the strength department.


As you saw in the video, it literally took me moments to style. 


While it's not a concrete wall, this pomade provides enough endurance for me. I think the best part of its resilience isn't in its ability to keep your pomp stiff all day, but rather, it'll remain workable and present the entire day.


You'll not only enjoy restyling your hair but also enjoy the pomp you get after restyling.


Just a bit.


Not at all.


Just add water and some shampoo to get it all out.


The Belafonte receives my seal of approval for being an all-around amazing pomade. I think the simple statement that it has become one of my daily-drivers shows how versatile and well-balanced this pomade is. It's good for the gym. Good for the day behind a desk. Good for running around with Luna at the dog park. I'd highly recommend it.

If you're interested or looking for more information on it, you'll find the pomade on either the Shear Revival or Flagship websites.