Power-Hypertrophy Program

Back in early April, I finished my goals for cutting which was to drop back down to 10% BF and reset my bulk. During my previous attempt to gain muscle mass, I failed to change up my routine and ended up gaining just a shit load of fat. While the rate at which I bulked was spot on, failing to alter my workouts to hypertrophy was my downfall. So this time around, I wanted to get it right.

By recommendation from a lot of friends, I looked into a power-hypertrophy program. The ideal was to start workouts with strength-focused, compound movements in order to maintain and grow strength. Then, follow up with hypertrophy in order to promote muscle growth. By not choosing one or the other, you can get the benefits of a bodybuilding style workout while maintaining the advantages of a powerlifting-focused routine. In theory.

I scoured the web for a program, and there was virtually nothing available -- for free, at least. Fuck paying for it. After some time, I finally found one that had a lotttt of missing pieces. But, with the barebones, I read up on some additional theory and created a program. After three months and some excruciating work, I think it was a success -- of course, with some need improvements. Here's another download link if you actually decided to read this article. Yeah. It's free.

A few notes about logistics and implementation of the program spreadsheet:

  • File > Download As... to make a copy of the program spreadsheet for yourself.
  • It's a 6-day program with only 1 day of rest per week. If you can't handle, then feel free to drop Saturday's workout.
  • Update only the PINK numbers and the spreadsheet should update the rest. Incrementing across weeks will differ depending on your gym's available equipment, so feel free to adjust those equations.
  • This is NOT a beginner's program. This is intended for an intermediate lifter who has been lifting for 1/2 to 2 years such that their SBD is at least 185|275|315.
  • Lift hard but be safe. Belts don't correct bad form.