Concentrated Hand Salve | Our Story

I never meant for this to grow into a collaboration with Shear Revival. Honest. I initially reached out to Shear Revival because my friends and I were having a problem sourcing a reliable solution to our cracking hands. Basically, I'm a heavy chalk user when I'm at the gym. No straps. I'm a believer in building grip strength, but chalk is a necessity for me to get the traction I need with the knurling. While this may be heaven for my deadlifts, this is hell for my hands. Calluses grow real thiccc and dry if not properly maintained -- I've ripped calluses and bled on bars more than once. This is not only disgusting and disrespectful to other lifters but also, puts me out of the game for a week or so while my hands recover.

Our need was pretty simple. Something effectively moisturizing but clean and convenient.

There are some great and other not-so-great moisturizers out there. Personally, I've given up on water-based moisturizers because you're essentially paying for water. They're often 80% water (sometimes even more) and as water-soluble products, their effectiveness is quickly negated the next time you wash your hands. And if you're a human being with a mortal bladder, you hopefully will wash your hands again in the next hour or so. Additionally, their bottles are so clunky that I can't easily store it in my gym bag. I needed something that was more powerful and compact.

We considered other balms and salves like Burt's Bees Hand Salve and O'Keeffe's Working Hands. No lie. I have bottles and cans of them everywhere in my apartment right now. I was on the hunt for a good solution. Don't get me wrong -- I love some of Burt's Bees stuff. Their chapstick was a lifesaver for me. However, this Hand Salve was some of the greasiest and nastiest stuff I've ever used. Same for all the balms. While they were super concentrated, they were just loaded with the slickest oils. It was as though you just rubbed your hands with Vaseline. For the next three hours or so, you couldn't touch anything else without getting lube all over it. I needed something I could apply right after lifting and be okay grabbing my steering wheel with.

We eventually fell upon gym specific balms and hand repair kits. Sweet baby Jesus. Those are some overpriced and worthless shit. They're virtually no different from the other lotions and salves we tried out earlier. BUT! There was one that stood out. Well, it wasn't an effective moisturizer, yet there was an interesting component to it. They included wax in their ingredients as an attempt to counteract the greasiness while hoping to seal in moisture. They put way too much. Enough that the balm would start beading up with wax while you applied it.

Then I realized -- why not ask one of the many talented homebrewers I know?

With all that knowledge (and wasted money), I hit up Zachary since he already have Fletcher Skin Repair Balm. I was confident that he and I could figure this out and make something that matched my needs. In no time at all, he whipped up this little masterpiece. We didn't name it anything at the time, but what we would later call Concentrated Hand Salve was the most ideal epitome of what I had been looking for.

It is a super dense and thicc concoction of oils. Because so little goes a long way, we could package it into a tiny glass jar that could fit anywhere while still lasting a ridiculously long time. The salve was insanely effective at moisturizing, but more importantly, we balanced it such that it would settle quickly was spread into a thin film on your hands. Very soon after applying, you could comfortably go throughout your day like a normal person -- not like a T-Rex avoiding contact with anything. I asked Zachary to put his awesome spin on the scent, and the project was finished. My friends and I have been using it successfully and happily for the past year. One dude even uses for help with diaper rash on his newborn.

Zachary had an idea.

Recently, Zachary had an awesome idea of offering it to everyone. And I guess why not? We never released a non-pomade collaboration before, but I figured it wouldn't hurt. It's a phenomenal product. Within the realm of lotions and salves, it may be more innovative than any pomade collaboration I've done before. I just wasn't sure whether or not you guys would be interested.

Either way, if you had the same issue as me or if you really wanna get rid of ashy elbows, then here's a super effective solution.