A few weeks ago, I noticed a coworker had a box like this sitting on his desk. I work on a design team with a mixture of people ranging from mechatronics engineers (like myself) to car designers, so I guess aesthetic pieces such as this are not out of the norm. However, he then pulled a small baggie out of it, peeled the top off, and out came a small handful of pills. That's how I learned about care/of and got curious about them.

Of course, as always, I went straight to the source and contacted them. Also, I wanted to ask if there was anything we can work out to help out readers like yourself! I always look out for the fam. If you end up wanting to give them a try, then use promo code THEPOMP to save 25% off your first order.

Supplements and vitamins are a far from new concept for me. I may not be a pre-workout addict like some of my friends, but I take a fair share of performance enhancers and amino tablets for lifting. Working through strength training mixed with hypertrophy sessions for six days a week takes its toll -- especially while still maintaining a mentally demanding job as an engineer. I've been meaning to take my diet and supplement up a notch to be more proactive about it all. Let's go through what I ended choosing to put in my packs.

Vitamin B12

Though nothing can replace a proper night's rest, I need to make sure that I start my mornings off with enough energy to complete a full session at the gym -- plus, make it through a long day at work. I don't take caffeine. I drink coffee occasionally, but it's more like having wine with a meal. My hope is that B12 will help me keep a present mind and stay active through the morning until the end of the day.


I've been hearing more and more about this antioxidant lately. If it can help me maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and support muscle function, then you bet I'll try it out.

Calcium Plus

Taking calcium is a no-brainer for me. Based on my DXA scans, my bone mineral content is pretty average but surprisingly lower than my lifting partners -- especially, that boy Harrison. After starting on a calcium supplement schedule, it's slowly increased over time.

Fish Oil

I've been meaning to get on fish oil pills for a long time now. Care/of just helped push me to finally get this plan going. People take these for many reason, but I personally take these for my joints.

Probiotic Blend

I need to stay regular. It's important. Not just to keep on a strict dietary schedule and get accurate data when weighing in but to also not shit myself when squatting heavy. Same hour everyday. Consistency. I've noticed a healthy dose of probiotics helps me maintain this all.


This one's for my brain gainz. On a personal note, it may be all in my head but I feel like my mental endurance has slowed during the end of my college career. I still got big plans in life, so I figured I'd do anything that can help it out. 


This, along with Kanna, are probably the most out-of-the-ordinary supplements I chose to include in this schedule. Astaxanthin is to help  me stay all handsome and what not. Plus, I'm in the sun enough, so I figure being proactive about my skin health wouldn't hurt.