Golden Beards | Golden Pomade

This is one of those rare times (at least, these days they're rare) that we take a look at an oil-based pomade. I've tried and reviewed over 100 different oil-based pomades at this point, so since the last 50 or so display only marginal differences, I've been hesitant to look at more of them. But, I make an exception for foreign pomades because I hope they've taken a unique approach to formulating. A different country. A different environment. Leads to a different climate and mentality. 

This is Golden Pomade by Golden Beards out of Copenhagen, Denmark. I think it goes without saying that Copenhagen is very different from California and most of the US. I'm hoping they can give us something new -- or at least, something worthwhile.


As a designer and engineer -- but mostly as a consumer of high-end goods of any kind -- Denmark puts out some of the best design work. Shit. Any of the Scandinavian countries put of some of the cleanest and most beautiful designs in the world. Unfortunately, this jar embodies more of an American style of design than their own. 

It's definitely well done. I may not admire the content and style, but there's no question that the layout and format is all in good taste. This is their larger of two options (200mL vs. 100mL).


Lavender. No question about it. Lavender is the primary and strongest thing I get from smelling this pomade. There's a bit of a citrus aspect to it if you really really REALLY sniff it up, but lavender -- in all of its floral glory -- is at the top, middle, and bottom of the aroma.


It's like an waxy, oil-based pomade. Well, at least you'd think it'd be a waxy pomade based on the way it scoops out. There's a thin and hard layer on the top. You can break through it with little effort, but it doesn't change the fact that it's there.


The pomade breaks down very easily in your palms and applies just as easily to the hair. You'll have ABSOLUTELY no problem spreading it evenly -- even before you start to comb it.


Very significant. The most amount of shine we've had in a while.


It's a very slick pomade. You definitely cannot go with a loose or textured style. This pomade, as you would expect from any oil-based pomade, truly pushes you to whip up a clean and greasy pompadour. No strays with this one.


This is not a medium hold. It would be better described as a light hold. Now, based on my experience with oil-based pomades like this, I can confidently say it would operate differently in a cold environment. These oily products are highly susceptible to climate -- heat, in particular. The feeling of this pomade is strongly reminiscent of the long lost Grandad's Lightweight Pomade. Still, my favorite light hold pomade. The old formula. 

This pomade is very similar. For all the great aspects of that formula, it's really not a good choice for the heat we're currently experiencing in California.


Due to the heat, the wax and oils in the pomade refuse to settle and provide the hold needed to style something nice and tall. But, even with the pomade is a semi-melted state, I was able to get some average height with decent shape. 


As we had predicted, the resilience of this pomade was very weak and especially, in the heat. There's a split that formed in the morning (you can see it in the photos) and like most other oil-based pomades, it really settled that split in. I don't expect to fix that until I shower tomorrow. Two sides of a coin -- the wax never settled, so my hair stayed extremely soft and malleable the entire day. Kinda like it was conditioned. The downside is that the hold then never settled in.


Because it's soft, the hair remains workable through the entire day -- whether you choose to use a comb or your fingers. However, don't expect to get much volume late into the day.


The same aspect that makes your hair feel good gives it a slight greasy feel. 


It'll take two to three showers to completely remove this product.


I think there have been two or three other oil-based pomades available today that most closely capture what was lost when the Grandad's Old Fashioned Lightweight Pomade ceased to exist in its original form. There's a beauty to light hold pomades: form, flow, but conditional function. They require the right environment and even then, a willingness to let things fall apart is necessary. This was a rigorous test for Golden Pomade, but nevertheless, a valid one. It is a pomade that requires much finesse and skill to style up a pompadour that can only be made with a light oil. I think this product best fits a user who knows and understands the beauty of a light hold pomade -- and of course, when the weather permits.

If you're interested, this is one of the few foreign pomades that are readily available in the US. Visit there website for more information BUT purchase via Amazon to get the best deal (and fastest shipping).