Analogue Paste

This week, I am very excited to share with you all this gem that has just come from Malaysia -- not only it is the most beautifully designed pomade we've seen from them, but it may also be one of the best products we've ever used. Period. Analogue Paste is a collaboration between three different Malaysian labels: a cologne maker under The Apothecary Malaysia, a barbershop known as The Oven, and a pomade label named Mentega. 


Based on the look and feel of each collaborator, it feels like The Apothecary Malaysia led much of the design work here. You can see their design language translated from their solid colognes to these cans. They definitely took a unique approach by using metal cans that are more commonly found in locked chemical cabinets and art stores. While I can imagine it being a hassle later on trying to scoop out the last bit, I'm more than willing to bare the sacrifice to have such a lovely item on my bathroom counter.

The label design is beautiful, and the layout is exquisite. I love it. The jar still manages to carry the traditional four ounces of product -- according to the label.


I'm sure The Apothecary Malaysia also took the lead on the scent because it is very much reminiscent of their Omni sold cologne. And to be perfectly honest, the smell is fucking phenomenal. I love it. I've never experienced a pomade or hair product of any kind that had as amazing of a scent.

It's a cologne that has a peppery musk to it. The fragrance is almost identical to a cologne that my dad used to wear all the time when I was a kid, so it has a nostalgic effect on me. Nevertheless, I think you will find yourself impressed with this aroma.


It's super creamy and what'd you would hope for with a paste. 


There is some grip as your agitate it in your hand but that disappears for a moment as your first apply it. Through your third scoop or so, you'll feel the grip slightly return, but it will NOT affect your ability to apply and work the product through your hair. As you comb it later, the thickness will make itself present and help you to style your hair.


It's virtually neutral with a very slight luster.


Analogue Paste is nice and slick but still more dry than greasy. You won't be struggling at all to keep stray hairs from forming, and you'll be politely suggested by the slickness to style a clean pomp rather than a textured one.


It would put this at a firm. It's far more than medium, but the nice and light weight prevents it  from being described as a heavy. I think it is a beautiful balance that provides just enough hold to give you awesome volume and perfect shape but not enough to overpower your hair.


You will find it very easy to style with this product. The thickness and density that comes out while combing it makes the process a breeze to put your hair where you want it. Additionally, the grip lets your grab and bring the pomp forward.


It's not an impenetrable wall, but the endurance and resilience is impressive. The product can withstand moderate heat and wind. More importantly, the paste also remains present throughout the whole day -- never evaporate or melting away -- which makes it super easy to get your pomp back whenever you need to. (If you even need to).


One thing I noticed was that by the middle of the day, you can actually go with a textured pomp if you'd like. I appreciate this because I don't carry a comb anymore, which means I need to be able to finger comb it during the day. This paste looks great whether its finger combed or comb-combed in place.


Nope. Never.


Not at all. This is one of the cleanest pastes we've used.


For you hands, just add water. For your hair, I'd recommend shampoo to help the process, but it should remove in one shower.


This is the best product we've ever seen come out of Malaysia. Shit. This is one of the best products I've ever used from anywhere. I love it. It obviously receives my seal of approval because I can't really find a solid criticism of it. This is definitely a product that I would highly recommend everyone having -- its scent alone could justify the cost to import it. I can honestly say it was a pleasure to be surprised with such a finely crafted paste.

For more information, you can look at their website and check out Analogue Paste.