Firsthand | Summer Pomade

I'm very excited to show you all this new pomade from Firsthand Supply Co. that they've made to help us get through summer all safe and handsome. I've been using for the past week or so, and I wish I had this while traveling through NYC. It would have been perfect for the hot and humid weather. Nevertheless, I have it now to share with you all.

From their point of view, the Summer Pomade was a chance to mix their Water Based and Styling Clay formulas into a hybrid that is optimal for the weather. Just enough clay to help absorb the moisture and that same WB formula that had insane hold.


I love it. This design reminds me of the Chobani redesign -- the watercolor-esque background to a font-based design layout. Beautiful. Plus, I can never say no to a millennial pink colored label. All else is pretty much standard to the Firsthand lineup: a 3.7 oz. amber plastic jar with black metal lid.


Officially, it's a coconut and neroli based mixture. However, to put it in normal speak, it is a beach or coastal feel with an interested bodily musk. Though you would imagine this to be a pretty sweet smell, it isn't. Well, at least not in the way you would typically describe a smell as sweet. Nor is it citrus. Overall, it is a smooth and very pleasant scent.


Super creamy. More creamy than any of their other products. 


It is grippy and seriously so. This is probably the only thing I don't really like about the Summer Pomade; however, the grip comes with many benefits. It'll derive its hold and insane endurance from this.


Between neutral and matte.


There is a lot of potential for texture, but the reduced amount of clay -- in comparison to the Styling Clay -- makes the texture also optional. You can style a clean and matte pompadour with this product. You should have seen this in the video. Afterwards, adding the texture in is not only easy, but it comes out beautifully.


I think this has more hold than the other two products. If not, then it at least provides much more volume than the other two: Styling Clay and Water Based. They added just enough clay to make sure you can take full advantage of its holding powder but not enough to force separation and weaken the holding power.


Super easy to work with. While it may not be as soft as other pomades like Arcadian Clay Pomade or Nostalgic Grooming Super Water Based, it compensates with complete obedience. You hair will go where you want it and not move from there.



No other clay pomade or pomade with a bit of clay in it comes close to providing as much resilience as Summer Pomade did here. It was both hot and windy today. ANY OTHER POMADE would have fell apart, but Firsthand Summer Pomade kept it together. Better than I could ever dream of.


The pomade is not only still present but remains fully functional through the restyling process. There is no 'puffing out' of any kind and it doesn't seem volume or holding power the more you work with it.




This could be a possible inconvenience depending on your personal routine. This is an incredibly resilient pomade -- that means it's resilient to both weather and water. You need soap to wash it off your hands and shampoo to get it out of your hair. It's water-based, so it'll wash out.


I don't think there is any possible way that I can NOT give Firsthand Summer Pomade my seal of approval. It is a phenomenal pomade. While it may be a bit grippy during application, this all pays off with incomparable holding power, super high volume, beautiful texture, and a level of endurance that we've not seen in any other pomade. If you find the weather to ever be a challenge for you, this is the pomade you need. I highly recommend keeping this one on hand -- whether it's summer or not.