Shear Revival | Gray Ghost

Shear Revival | Gray Ghost

Last week, our boy Zachary over at Shear Revival dropped a new Strong Hold Cream Pomade named Gray Ghost. As you all know, we’ve always been impressed with their work, so it’s only right that we check out what they have.


Ever since they went through a redesign (what seems like ages ago), they’ve been super consistent across all their products. Gray Ghost is obviously no different. It’s in the same illustration style and also, metallic vinyl label with matte finish. I’ll say that the clock — though beautifully drawn — has too strong of a vertical format and doesn’t lend it well to such a horizontal layout.

On a practical, it looks like there’s a trending change and even pomade jars are starting to move towards TSA-friendly sizes. These are now 3.4 oz. jars or more cleanly referred to as 100mL.


I honestly can’t put my finger on the aroma. It’s an lavender herbal spice with some citrus aspect, but it doesn’t have any floral notes — or at least, any dominant ones that I can pick up. Of course, it’s a pleasant smell but definitely on the light side.


The consistency of this pomade reminds me most of Anchors Teddy Boy Original. It’s super creamy. Thicccc but creamy.


The consistency quickly changes from smooth to super grippy when you initially apply it. So, go in with small scoops and don’t rush through it. The grip can easily get uncomfortable if you get ambition. Luckily, combing it through it a completely different story. For some reason, working it with a comb is a breeze.


It starts off primarily neutral which arguably a touch of luster. This will change through the day and it’ll end more like neutral-matte.


That grip and that stick makes for one hell of a slick pomade — well, in a way at least. Definitely not in the same way that an oil-based is slick. You’ll have no problem keep your hair together to form a nice and strong pompadour. Just keep in mind that it’ll grip to the comb, and that’ll affect how you work with this product.


It’s strong as shit — a grippy kind of strength.


You can get a tremendous amount of volume from Gray Ghost and easily. You’ll find it very simple and straightforward to style nice and tall. The main thing to watch out for is potentially styling a cone head — typical to the case with any other super strong pomade.


Initially, I expected this pomade to be super resilient. After a few hours, I quickly realized that it isn’t. In fact, it goes through a drastic change through the day — going from suggesting a clean pompadour to more free and textured style. Strangely enough, Gray Ghost made me realize that maybe I should just embrace the changing form rather than fit it. Progress. You can’t stop progress. Deep shit right?


The cream really pulls back and fades out through the day. Luckily, never to the point that your hair will fall onto your face, but the hold and grip will fade. As it dries out, the finish changes to neutral-matte and the dryness moves to a textured look.




Nah. It’s dense but not greasy.


Just add water.


It receives my Seal of Approval. I think Shear Revival has a really easy time dialing in the right performance characteristics. Admittedly, the grittiness during initial application bothers me a lot, but the fact that it is super easy to comb through makes this a minor concern. Also, though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, the drastic extent to which this pomade changes after a few hours is pretty cool. It’s almost as though you styled with those different products in one day. All in all, it’s a reliably strong cream pomade that has the finesse of a medium-hold paste.

If you’re interested, you’ll find more information about Gray Ghost via Shear Revival. We do offer our promo code THEPOMP to help encourage you all to buy direct and support our boy’s venture.