Mentega | Lagoon

Given our amazing experience with their collaboration we reviewed recently, it's only right that we take a look at something from the brewer who made Analogue Paste. This is Lagoon by Mentega -- a Malaysian homebrewed water-based pomade.


I describe the look of the jar as very William-Sonoma. I don't know how else to describe it. I can easily see this jar holding some bourbon fig compote. The design work is minimalist and elegant in a way. On the practical side, it's a 6 oz. clear glass jar with silver metallic lid. 


It's a very neutral scent. At first, I sensed notes of mint and eucalyptus. Then I smelled some dough and vanilla -- a sweetness of some kind. But I ended up concluding that the aroma is very neutral and light. Whatever it is, it is light and will remain in the background. This works very well if you prefer to have a cologne dominate your scent.


It's like a thick whip cream. The smooth consistency was very impressive.


The pomade begins to thicken and get grippy when you start to agitate it in your palms. I suggest working with only small scoops at any one time because while it doesn't get bad enough to rip out hairs, the hold gets grippy enough to be discomforting. If you apply patiently, then it'll be all good.


Neutral. Doesn't add any shine and only takes a touch away.


It's a pretty slick product due to the stickiness of the grip. That minimizes the amount of stray hairs you get, but there is a lack of oil slickness. This gives it a dry feel.


I think the best way to describe this hold is something between firm and strong -- more towards firm. I say this because the weight is far too light to be defined as heavy hold. It's a bit dry and brittle at times, but the hold is very firm. You can definitely get a lot of volume with Lagoon. The hard part is to get good shape.


It's pretty damn easy to get volume and height with this pomade. You just need to be conscious that you're getting enough forward movement with it. 


Based on the overall feel of the pomade, I had expected it to be a pretty resilient pomade. It wasn't indestructible, but I'd still say it was good enough. Lagoon resisted heat well, which we would expect from a Malaysian pomade given the weather they have there. 


The pomade remains present through the day which makes restyling possible. You can fingercomb it back or use a comb to regain volume. You'll lose about a quarter of the volume you had in the morning.




Yes, but not like a clay where it feels like moisture was taken away.


Add shampoo to remove completely.


The most unique aspect of Mentega Lagoon was that a pomade could be both water-based and very dry. This may be one of the grippiest water-based pomades we've used here, and it's important to consider what product works best with your hair. If it has typically responded well to grippy pomades like Strait of Malacca by Flagship or Special Blend by The Red House, this pomade should also work well for you.

If you're interested learning more about this pomade, you can find it via their website.