Arcadian | Matte Paste

Arcadian | Matte Paste

Today, we're looking at the latest thing from Arcadian which is their Matte Paste -- a heavy hold dry cream that promises water-based texturized with super high volume. This is a big departure from some of our most favorite from them because they're typically on the lighter side. I think that's what they do best. Still, I think there might be something worthwhile with this heavy hold.


The design label is consistent with the rest of the line. The color change this time was to a nice fuchsia. It's still in the standard amber glass 4 oz. jar and one should note/admire the huge ingredients list. 


The scent is a sour citrus with piney herbal notes. Not woody. Don't think musk or a dense wood. Instead, it's an herbal spiciness.


Despite being much thicker than any other Arcadian product, it's still surprisingly easy to scoop out. 


Unfortunately, it's not as easy to apply to the hair. To make it reasonable, you can simply make sure to take only small scoops at a time. The product also tends to stick to whatever hair it contacts first. So, be cognizant of that and put it where you need it.  


Just below neutral.


As expected, it was a beautifully coarse texture. The clay is well-balanced with the stickiness of the wax or whatever that's provided the high level of grip.


I would say this is a more of a firm hold. It's strong as shit, but the weight isn't necessary heavy. Nevertheless, it strangely has a heavy appearance -- something about it gives a similar pomp shape that one gets with a heavy oil-based pomade.


It's pretty easy to work with and the results are pretty damn good as you can see. 


Like any other clay product, it susceptible to high winds and physical activity. It also tends to lighten up quite a bit later into the day. You'll lose about half the volume and the stickiness from the wax fades away. The texture transforms from coarse to fine. It becomes more like Clay Pomade when first applied but much drier.


It's possible to restyle with comb or your fingers and without water. Just note what I said before, you'll be able to form a slightly shorter and more textured pompadour.


I was worried about it feeling overly dry, but nah. 




Use shampoo and it'll come out.


Though I am and will always be a huge fan of the Clay Pomade, I think Matte Paste can be a fantastic choice for anyone who's complains about the lightness of the Clay Pomade. This product is definitely the strongest thing Arcadian has to offer. You can get beautifully coarse texture and strong hold at the same time.

If you're interested, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP on your order with Arcadian.