We’re taking a trip back to Canada. Last time we reviewed the Con Moto products from here, but today we get to visit the Rocky Mountain Barber Company. James has already done a review on their pomade, so I’ll be taking an in-depth review of their Texture Paste.

Again, as a disclaimer, most pastes already don’t work well for my type of hair, which is heavier due to thickness and harder to deal with (if I’m going for more of a neat look) due to waves.


Consistently done the same throughout their entire product line. It’s nothing minimalistic, but it reminds me of a staple product you’d find at a store. It catches your eye from the colors, and is presented with an aesthetic very similar to Old Spice. Maybe it’s just the red.


It’s a clean, soapy kind of smell. It’s sharp, and borderline too scenty for me. Think of it as a really strong detergent kind of smell. But dial it back down to hair product level. It’s not overpowering, but I don’t know how else to describe it. Sharp. Clean. Scenty.


Aside from the bubbles on top due to the pouring, I found the consistency of the Texture Paste to be solid throughout the many times I’ve used this. Creamy yet waxy. It’s comparable to an unorthodox water based pomade.


It’s a bit sticky, so apply when your hair is a bit damp. Or in my case, a bit sweaty. Goes on very easily.


Matte, but I somehow got a natural shine. Maybe my hair be greasy today.


Nothing too fine can be achieve with the paste - or at least in my case because I didn’t use a comb. But judging even from the strength and hold of the product, I wouldn’t think it’d be able to create a fine texture since it’s tailored to be on the more relaxed / loose kind of look.


Advertised as a strong hold, but for me, I would call it a solid medium.


The control is okay. Initially, as seen in the video, I was able to achieve a good amount of hold and control. That however, disappeared throughout the day which left my hair in a comb-over state. Cool thing is that you can easily restyle it. Just don’t expect it to have the same amount of hold and control.


Lasts well throughout the day, but the strength and control deteriorates gradually.


Easily done


No dryness. Nothing solidifies, which adds to its pliability.


One shampoo and you’re good as new.

2019_The Pomp_Shear Revival_Northern Lights_Matte Paste_BOD_Finger Comb-5.jpg


The Rocky Mountain Barber Company TEXTURE PASTE is perfect for a lazy Sunday. If I had shorter hair, I’d predict that this would work really well. Even if you had thinner, straighter hair, I think that this would work well too. I was able to achieve a decent style out of it, but given the hot Southern California day as well as the nature of my hair, the Texture Paste was not able to do much other than pull my hair out of my face. It did start off well. I’d definitely use this on my off days.

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