Shear Revival | Northern Lights - Harry's Review

Shear Revival | Northern Lights - Harry's Review

I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte Paste until recently. It’s reminiscent of the initial unorthodox water based pomade from O’douds, but now it has the additional ingredient of kaolin clay. For me, this has made it an ideal hair styling product for the summer weather in Southern California.


Again, the design work of Shear Revival remains consistent. Not just across its products, but also over the years. I compared a few jars from way back, and it’s essentially the same with minor tweaks, like the shiny or metallic graphics.


I get mainly sage with a hint of citrus. Unsure how James got the orange sorbet from 2 years ago, but maybe the proportions changed. I get more of the herbalness of the sage.


It’s not the traditional paste we see from many companies. With Shear Revival, since things are made in-house, it simulates a water based pomade without the oiliness (think more creamier) and without the stickiness/grittiness.


Recommended to apply to dry hair. A bit of tugging, but nothing to cry about.


Matte to a natural shine.


Fine with a comb, loose and wavy without. It’s dry and coarse while not allowing strays to spread throughout the day. It’s just the right amount of weight to keep things tidy, or relaxed with the same amount of neatness.


I experienced a firm hold for my hair. When temperatures rose, it did give way to some parting but I haven’t had anything that wouldn’t do this unless it hardened to a crackly shell.


Easy peasy. Loose and high. Tight and high. Low and clean. Whatever you want.



Lasted essentially all day. Restylable but that was not really necessary unless I felt like fiddling with my hair.


From the initial application to the end of the day. 100% - 95% of performance remains.


Only after the wash/shampoo. During usage, there is a slight dryness, but not to the extent of a pure clay or paste.


One shampoo and you’re good to go.

2019_The Pomp_Shear Revival_Northern Lights_Matte Paste_BOD_Finger Comb-5.jpg


From James

“Shear Revival kills it once again. They followed the path of a few homebrewers in creating a matte paste; however, Zachary was able to draw from his experience in the salon industry which is something many other homebrewers cannot. From that, it was able to get even closer to what that market has to offer while still embodying the advantages we have here and catering to our unique needs. Northern Lights is clearly the best matte paste our there for tall pompadours. Others may be softer and lighter, but this baby is straight power. I give it my Seal of Approval.”

I would definitely agree. For my heavier, thicker, and wavier hair, I had feared that this paste wouldn’t really work well with it. But, to my surprise, I got a solid performance out of it. Again, it reminds me of the O’Doud’s unorthodox waterbased pomade. It’s got that weight and power, but it’s creamier and a bit dryer, so styling it was a bit more relaxed and free-flowing while at the same time being neat.

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