Templeton | Oasis Clay

Very recently, Templeton Tonics released a new product to their line: Oasis Clay. And by not having a haircut for many weeks now, this is be a true challenge for any clay pomade.


The visual design is consistent with the rest of the line, and while it may not be in line with my personal taste, I can’t deny that it’s well-done. The all-over metallic finish with matte print is a damn good look. Other than the visuals, the jar is your standard 4 ounces and plastic.


I believe I received the Ritual scent this time around. Templeton Tonics allow you to pick and choose scents independent of what product you choose. This is a serious logistical challenge but a super nice plus that they offer this. You can refer to their website for an official description of the scent, but to me, I’m picking up mostly sage and vanilla. It’s an sweet herbal aroma with smoothness throughout.


If any one you cook with coconut oil, then you’ll recognize the texture right away. Well, that’s what it reminds me of at least. It’s pretty stiff but tends to give way in segments. In other words, you have to smoosh it or break it down in order to scoop it out. Thinking about it now, you can also just swirl your finger around the jar quickly to melt it down and remove it in that way.


Breaking it down in your hands is a breeze. It really melts away as you agitate it. However, the process of applying to my hair was a big hassle. Yes, I’m on the sensitive side when it comes to applying products to my hair, but this shit is super grippy. It’ll match the crazy amount of hold you’ll get later, but forreal — the application process is pretty difficult.


Neutral at first. Matte late into the day.


Phenomenal. It texture helps to balance how the serious stickiness/tackiness of the product. It makes creating a full pompadour not only easily and optionally allows you to make some coarse texture.


Fucking strong. The video shows it all. This is some serious hold.


Given the state of my hair, Oasis Clay does an amazing job controlling unruly hair while still allowing proper shape to form.


I wouldn’t normally expect a clay pomade (especially once it’s textured up) to keep a pompadour all day, but the strength of Oasis Clay suggested that it could definitely endure. And yeah, it did. It held up through the entire day without any issues at all.


It would be best to do this with some water, but it’s unquestionably possible without as well. There’s minimal volume loss with Oasis Clay through natural progress and even so with rework. You will expedite the transition from neutral to matte.




It’s not a greasiness or dryness that’s an issue with this product. It’s the byproduct of making such a resilient pomade. Oasis Clay remains gunky in your hair and ever-present. If you’re looking for something that’s relaxing and feels like nothing in your hair all day, this is definitely NOT the pomade to use.


Removes easily though just like any other water-based pomade.


Without a doubt, Templeton Tonics Oasis Clay receives my Seal of Approval for making such a damn strong and formidable clay pomade. It’s not often that we can style a loose pompadour (especially with many weeks overdue for a haircut) and watch it last a whole day without any serious issues. It’s crazy. But of course, these achievements are not without their downsides — the shear strength and resilience of this product makes it super grippy during application and wholly present in your hair through the day. Compared to the clays I normally use, this is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Nevertheless, achieving this was not easy and should be recognized.

I highly recommend experiencing Oasis Clay. If you’re interested, we do offer our promo code THEPOMP to help you save some money on your order with Templeton Tonics.