Gerson and Co. | Original Pomade

Gerson and Co. comes from Singapore. As someone who’s only really checked out domestic products for the most part, I was excited to try this out taking into consideration that this is a humid climate. I’ve always ran into the issue of having a reliable pomade sustain me in any hot and humid areas, so I was excited to see what potential Gerson and Co.’s Original Pomade had. Another bonus was that this original pomade was a strong hold, something that I’ve always leaned towards when using pomade.


Again, minimal and consistent. Their work has the theme of “modern gentlemen” meaning you’ll see more subdued yet ornate designs (i.e., the logo). One issue I had with the presentation was the amount of text existent on the Original Pomade jar. Yes, it’s detailed, but it took a minute to get through everything.


Woody vanilla. The scent starts off strong. It’s strong. It’s vanilla for sure, since it has this very soft touch to it; however, the fragrance from the wood isn’t the teakwood or sandalwood I’m use to - it’s more borderline cologne strength wood, if that makes sense. It’s not overpowering in any manner, and it does get lighter as the day goes on.

2019_The Pomp_Gerson and Co_Strong Hold-9.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Gerson and Co_Original Pomade-8.jpg


The consistency is similar to other gel pomades. It’s jelly like, but has a much heavier/stickier feel to it. My assumption is that there is less water present in this.


Smooth with no tugging. This, again, is very similar to other gel pomades. The water existent in the product itself allows for an easy application. Goes on WET. Stays wet for a while before drying out and leaving your hair frozen in place. Gerson and Co. Original Pomade, however, was slightly different in that it did not feel like I was wearing a helmet. My hair still had moisture at the end of the day, and it was somewhat fixable when dry (compare this to something like Layrite - once your hair is frozen, it’s set).


Comes out as slight shine upon application, but will eventually become matte as it dries out.


Slick. Starts off very slick, then dries out to something like a matte paste.


A standard strong hold. Allowed for sustained hair structure throughout the day with little strays or my hair falling out of place.


Initially, you’ll notice that as the product dries out, it becomes more and more stiff. Your hair starts to get tamed, and what you have now is great control over styling. But beware, this window of styling is limited since once the product is dried, it’ll become fairly difficult to restyle without water.

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Lasts pretty well throughout the day. I took it for a spin at the gym and it stayed intact until I messed with it out of habit. Came home, sat in the jacuzzi and it still stayed up and out of my face. A few strays surfaced, but after finishing the video review, adding a bit of water made everything clean again.


Just add water. Restyling was surprisingly good. I wonder if you could just restyle all the time in a very humid environment…hmm…




It does get dry, but not to the point of oh my lawd my hair feels like it’s about to break apart. It’s similar to a lot of waxes / pastes.


Shampoo during a shower will get things out.

2019_The Pomp_Gerson and Co_Original Pomade-13.jpg


Initially I thought it’d be like Layrite or Suavecito, or another gel pomade kinda thing. Gerson and Co. Original Pomade however, differed in that it wasn’t just a gel pomade. Yes, it had characteristics of one, but it also allowed for more flexibility by not completely drying out. Not that this is a guarantee in hot and humid climates, but I had a good experience with using it at the gym / jacuzzi where temperatures can get hot and sweat / steam is present in the air. Strays developed from contact with my hands, but that was easily fixed with a reapplication of water. I enjoy the scent and I enjoy the hold I got from the product. Since I was so use to using more flexible products like clays, this was a nice touch for when I need something slicker, and still want that flexibility. Use code THEPOMP for 10% off on your order!