Jack Henry | Hair Refresh

I recently got in touch with Jack Henry Co. I wasn’t aware that James had reviewed their initial formulation of the Clay Pomade a while back, since I had a bunch of personal obligations to attend to. I’ve had a chance to use their new Clay Pomade, and it’s definitely a nice addition. Anyways, they have a sea salt spray, called their Hair Refresh. I figured this would be interesting to try seeing how sea salt sprays are slowly garnering attention, and I’ve yet to only tried the Emulsified Kaolinite offered by the ODOUDS x The POMP collaboration. Let’s get to it!


Minimal and consistent with their other products. Black label, simple fonts. Amber glass bottle with a simple spray nozzle. Nothing fancy at all, so it’s a nice addition to any minimalist bathroom not needing a visually loud product.


Lemon breezy. It’s straight lemon. This thing has only four ingredients, one of which is lemon oil. Light in scent. Doesn’t become predominant in any way.

Jack Henry Co_Hair Refresh_Bottle


This has the consistency of…just kidding. It’s a spray. It’s just water in consistency.


I don’t know what to say about application. You spray it on your hair? Like any other product, once on the hair, comb or run your fingers through to spread it out evenly. This spray concept isn’t complicated. Just make sure the nozzle is pointing the right direction.


Comes out as slight shine upon application, but will eventually become matte as it dries out.


It’s still basically water-like. Can’t really describe the texture of this.


Comparing this to the Emulsified Kaolinite, I’d say this offers a slightly stronger hold, but again, I tried this during two different phases of hair styles (long vs short). I can say for my shorter hair (3-4inches vs 7-8inches), it’s worked out very well. Given that my hair is thick and wavy, the Hair Refresh spray offers a light hold that allows my hair to loosely hang out in the style I combed it or let it dry in (or blow-dried in).


Very loose. Strays will definitely pop up if the product is not evenly applied. Reapply to contain the strays, but expect a more relaxed, loose look rather than a dapper, clean-cut style.

2019_The Pomp_Jack Henry Co-1-7.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Jack Henry Co-1-6.jpg


It simulates post-beach hair, so you get this dryness that lasts throughout the day. However, I think that the lemon oil and witch hazel that is present in the spray gives it a bit of moisture, so you still get some sort of control rather than it simply being hairspray and hardening or drying out your hair. From my experience so far, the endurance holds up fairly well - expect strays as the day goes by though.


Finger comb. Regular comb. Maybe a fork. Be creative. It all works as long as you didn’t walk through the rain or a waterfall. Again, strays will come up but reapply with a spray or two and you’ll be fine.




Dry but not too dry. Hair just feels natural and light.


Comes off fairly easily. No issues with light shampooing.

2019_The Pomp_Jack Henry Co-7.jpg


My second experience with a sea salt spray has been surprisingly good. My hair typically responds well to blow-dryers, so I wasn’t too doubtful that this would work out well. What exceeded my expectation was how long it held throughout the day given its simple formulation of four ingredients. Like, why the hell didn’t I think of this earlier? I have witch hazel toner, water, lemon, and sea salt in the house…

Overall, I’m pleased with how this spray can be used alone for that lazy, I didn’t really try hairstyle, or it can be used to clean up an already done do that just needs a bit of retouching. I find that it helps a lot on day 2 or 3 of using something like a waxy product where there’s build up.

If you’re interested, we offer promo code THEPOMP to help you save some money whenever ordering direct from Jack Henry Co.