Back again with another Suavesmith review, but this time, it’s for their Matte Wax. My experience for matte wax, or waxes in general, have been very mixed. Sometimes the light hold waxes work well, sometimes they don’t. This goes for the strong hold ones too. There’s so many variables that can affect how a wax works in conjunction with my hair. Let’s see how the Suavesmith Matte Wax faired for my hair.


Sorry, this is going to be copy and pasted from the previous review since it’s essentially the same thing.

Again, the same, simple dual toned prints on circle stickers slapped on a 3.3814 oz (or 100mL) aluminum tin. Sizing most likely due to air travel and the limit being 100mL for TSA. On the front, it’s got the logo centered, and naming orbiting around. On the back, there’s a lot of print, and in the video you guys can see that it’s tiny. However, modifications have been made to revise this on the new production of tins.


The smell of something clean and crisp. What I imagine when I get of a whiff of this is detergent. It’s got that soapy, clean kind of smell that’s also a bit sweet. Not to my liking necessarily, but for those that want a sweeter fragrant product, this is it. The smell doesn’t last all day though, so you’re still going to have to put on that deodorant fellas.

2019_The Pomp_Suavesmith_MATTE WAX-20.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Suavesmith_MATTE WAX-22.jpg


It’s sticky, but creamy. Very similar to the 1950s Union Matte Clay from what I remember. My theory is that the stickiness is what the hold is derived from. Easy to spread on the palms.


If you'r hair is completely dry, there will be slight tugging because of how grippy the product is. The Matte Wax acts like any other wax. It' starts off with a bit of friction, but once the product is worked in a bit, the rest of the application is smooth. I’d recommend that your hair be slightly damp if you want a super smooth and easy process.


Bruh, it’s named Matte Wax. It better be matte, and it is.


I love the texture I can achieve from a wax. Just check out the photos below. The hair looks natural still, so you can easily play around and mold a look to your liking.

2019_The Pomp_Suavesmith_MATTE WAX-8.jpg


I am glad it is a strong hold as it is advertised to be.


The more product you put on, the more control you’re going to get. It’s got good control over your hair, and for me, I was able to style it fairly well without having too many issues or resorting to tactics like the hair dryer.

2019_The Pomp_Suavesmith_MATTE WAX-5.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Suavesmith_MATTE WAX-7.jpg


The control lasts throughout the day if you ain’t super sweaty or in a moist environment. The Matte Wax does wash off easily, so I did notice that it became noticeably weaker with more rigorous activity (which meant more sweating). However, a more casual day left it performing well at the end of the night (heh).


I wouldn’t say you can restyle completely. Mist a bit of water on your hair and you can tame the strays, but to completely start over from square one would be a stretch. The product almost freezes your hair in place while giving it the flexibility of being a bit loose.


None at all.


Your hair does feel dry. Light on the head without any sense of build up.


Easily one shampoo and you good.

2019_The Pomp_Suavesmith_MATTE WAX-19.jpg


A strong hold matte wax that performs well and up to par with what it is advertised to do. I ain’t complaining. For me, waxes work well due to the wavy nature of my hair. This type of product plays well with it, as I am not trying to completely straighten out my hair, and rather, just tryna style it out of my face with some height. The Suavesmith Matte Wax allows for great control and lightness. Unfortunately, I am not able to test this in a super humid condition, but to give you guys a frame of reference, I sweat pretty much consistently all day if it’s remotely warm (I don’t think that equates to 90% + humidity but close enough). Anyways, if you’re looking for a matte, light-weight, and strong hold product, give this guy a try.