Today we take a look of a newer company emerging from Massachusetts. Two dudes who wanted to develop their own products to suit their needs. Sounds reasonable. Also, from my correspondence with them, I also know that they’re Asian American, which is great to see in this pomade business. Not that I hold a preference for “Asian” pomades or anything - it’s just something cool to see because you don’t see it very often.

This is one out of two flagship products they have on their shop. We’ll take a look at Dapper Boy, which is an unorthodox water-based formula (abbreviated UWB)


A tattooed up Taco Bell lookin’ chihuahua?!?! Count me in. The labeling and branding has a very similar vibe to O’douds products. We see a combination of cursive, or soft lettering mixed in with fine, clean text. It’s a good balance. Spacing seems a bit off, but my assumption is so that it can really center the dapper boy logo. Other than that, the jar is a 4.0 oz amber PLASTIC jar. Nothing that offsets the experience, but this threw me off since I’m so use to it being glass jars.


Labeled Wachusett Woods. Unsure what that is exactly, but I get a soft, earthy scent that reminds me of that morning dew when I’m camping. It’s very pleasant and not overbearing.


Super creamy and smooth.


I’d suggest use it on very slightly wet hair - maybe spray a bit of water on your head, or dry just enough with a towel so avoid tugging. The product goes on really dry, which is surprising seeing how creamy it felt coming out of the jar.


Medium shine throughout the day.


You can achieve really fine texture with this due to its great control and strength.


Oh man, this was surprisingly strong. Even after gymming, my hair was still holding up well without any strays coming out.


Just take a look at the video. Whatever comb motion you do, the hair follows well and stays there for the most part. I would only assume the longer your hair is, that this control would start to diminish.


Could last basically two days on one application.


Very pliable as it is advertised to be. From initial application to the end of the day restyling, the pomade did not seem to lose much of its strength.


Only during application. This could be my hair, but other than that, it’ll keep your hair fairly moisturized. There’s somewhat of a light build up, so the hair does not necessarily feel dry.


One thorough shampoo!

2019_The Pomp_Shear Revival_Northern Lights_Matte Paste_BOD_Finger Comb-5.jpg


A very surprising treat. Again, reminiscent of O’douds UWB from way back when. This is a tad bit stronger, which I sometimes favor for when I like to keep my hair neat. I am definitely keeping this in my arsenal of pomades for when I need to present myself with a much cleaner look. Hell, this could be nice for gym workout photos too. The application process may be a bit painful, but the payoff is well worth it. Lastly, I can really feel the heaviness of the product. Again, another tradeoff, but sometimes I just don’t like the feeling of it weighing down my hair; however, this gives way to better hold and control. Impressed with this flagship product and I’m excited to see what their future products will be.

You can use our promo code THEPOMP to save a bit of money off your order. Enjoy.