We’re back to California for today’s review. From San Diego, we have Hair Craft Co. The two founders, Leo and Alex, are super chill and attentive to what they’re doing. They’re always looking to improve, and I value that. We’re going to start with their Clay Pomade today. I love me them clay pomades if you guys haven’t noticed yet. For some reason, these work best with my hair without it feeling like there’s a pound of product resting on my scalp.


Simple red and black. It comes in a cardboard box when you receive it, but that somewhat becomes irrelevant since we’re mainly looking at the jar. Nice touch, almost like opening a present when you get it in the mail, but for our day-to-day usage, it’s not necessary. The product rests inside a plastic 3 oz container with sticker labels. Again, the labeling has small print which makes it a bit hard to read, but if y’all can do that, props to you. I end up just checking online since I try not to strain my eyes too much due to them being my lifeline in the profession of photography.


Juicy Fruit gum. That’s the scent I get. Fruity and slightly sweet.

2019_The Pomp_Hair Craft Co_Jar-1.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Hair Craft Co_Jar-2.jpg


It’s waxy and clay-y at the same time. Smooth with a hint of grittiness.


The one thing I do not enjoy about the application process for when it comes to clay pomades is how dry it gets. The tugging and resistance you get is annoying, but mist your hair or have it a bit wet to lubricate that application. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a bit of a battle trying to get this throughout your hair.


Matte finish baby.


I always go back and forth on what texture I really prefer. The texture from having a slick product is clean and neat, but the texture from a clay pomade is natural and loose. I guess it really depends on my mood, but man, the texture from the Hair Craft Co Clay pomade is amazing. Just look at that.

2019_The Pomp_Hair Craft Co_BOD-4.jpg


Medium for sure. For me, it can pass as a slight strong hold mainly from the grip you get from the clay.


The Hair Craft Co Clay Pomade has great control. Obviously you’re not going to achieve a slick dapper look with it, and it’s not advertised to do that as well. At this point, we can definitively say that clays won’t get you to that look if that’s what you want. This gives you the natural matte look where it looks like you just woke up.

2019_The Pomp_Hair Craft Co_BOD-1.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Hair Craft Co_BOD-6.jpg


Clays typically last well throughout the day unless the temperature rises dramatically. Being in Seattle where it’s a moderate 70-80s, I had no issues of it failing me throughout the day. Some strays get loose, but that was easily fixable with that smooth finger comb.


Easy peasy. No water is necessary, but if you wanted to achieve a somewhat neater look, just use a bit more product. The second day was even better since the product had “set” in or there was enough “build-up” that I didn’t really need to use a lot more the next day.




The dryness is expected. With a clay that is a matte finish, you’re going to experience dryness. Nothing on the scale of being crackly dry, but you don’t have that greasiness you get from oil based products.


One shampoo wash is good.

2019_The Pomp_Hair Craft Co_EOD-3.jpg


Overall, a great choice if you’re looking for that affordable and simple clay pomade. It’s exactly what it’s advertised to be, and at the going rate of about $14 for a 3 oz. jar, it’s probably one of the more affordable options. There’s not much else to say that hasn’t been said on the product listing. Matte finish, med-strong hold, solid control, natural/messy look. Try one for yourself and get it in your rotation for those lazy Sundays. Or every other day for me.