Continuing the Con Moto train, we move onto their Clay Pomade. The Con Moto Original Pomade offered us a slick, medium shine and strong hold without the oiliness that other slick pomades have. The Con Moto Clay Pomade bounces us to the other side of the spectrum, where the dapper look is not the goal. Clay Pomades typically offer a medium or strong hold, but instead of the tight, shiny slickness, we get a looser, more relaxed and natural controlled look.


A copy and paste from the previous review because honestly, nothing is different aside from the colorway. “The 2 oz (they also come in a 5 oz) aluminum tin presents itself very well. We have traditional art (I think that’s the genre of art?) where things are busy and very ornate, but it stands out, or pops out. That griffin or eagle tiger looking beast suits the tin’s top, and the description of the product is subtle and simple. Very straightforward.

One thing, however, the print is very small on the back where they list the ingredients and directions of use. Maybe it’s the size of the jar, but even for me, it’s hard to read.”


Similar to the previous Original Pomade. “Advertised as cognac and Cuban. Unfortunately, I do not have the experience of categorizing the scent of Cuba(n), but it does have a whiff of a dark alcohol. It’s a more heavy, musky, yet subtly sweet kind of scent.” The dark alcohol smell is lessened on this one though.

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Clay Pomade_Jar-1.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Clay Pomade_Jar-2.jpg


The Con Moto Clay Pomade has a waxy consistency. Rubbing it throughout your palms, you get more of a waxy consistency with a bit of the clay grittiness.


On dry hair, it presents a bit of tugging. Lots of friction from the hair and the product, and that’s probably because of the wax and clay. I have yet to encounter a clay pomade where no tugging is involved on dry hair. This is the only downside of the application process, but in accordance with the directions of the application from the website, you probably will have a hair dryer handy so just heat this up a bit to melt the wax and make the application a bit easier.


It’s a clay product, so rarely does that ever offer any shine. Completely matte on my end.


Loose and lightweight. Your hair retains its natural look and it looks effortless while put together.

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Clay Pomade_BOD-6.jpg


Consistently strong hold throughout the day, unless you jump into drastically warm temperatures like your car on a hot summer day.


The Con Moto Clay Pomade offers great control. If you use a blow dryer, I imagine that control to be even greater since you’ve basically tamed your hair already to a certain style. The Clay Pomade would just help solidify that.

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Clay Pomade_BOD-7.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Clay Pomade_BOD-4.jpg


Nothing really changed from the initial application process to the end of the day (hence the lack of any after photos). For me, my hair basically remained the same after 10+ hours. Obviously the need to recomb with my fingers was necessary.


No problem whatsoever. The pomade remains the same throughout the entire day.


More waxy than greasy.


It’s a matte product but you don’t get an insane amount of dryness. Your hair looks dry, but it still feels soft and moisturized/conditioned. It could be the paraffin.


Needs shampoo to wash out completely.


The Con Moto Clay pomade lives up to what is described on the product listing. We see that this is the very counterpart of the Original Pomade, where you are given strong control with a matte finish and more relaxed look. You won’t be achieving any kind of dapper look, but if you wanted to aim for more of a casual, “let’s make myself look presentable “ without the effort really showing, the Con Moto Clay Pomade can assist you with that. I dig that the Clay Pomade was more restylable throughout the day, given that I am usually on the go, especially on my training days. I am probably going to utilize this on my training days, since I don’t really want to redo my hair again during the day. I can trust that this will last throughout my workout (also a reminder that I ain’t doing HIIT or running miles).