Today we travel to a different part of the world to visit Con Moto. Of their 4 products, we will be reviewing their Original Pomade and Clay Pomade. Let’s start with their Original Pomade to give us a sense of what their staple is like. You know, to get a feel of their standards. Con Moto’s branding is in its name. Translated, it means “with movement,” meaning that these products are designed for the on-the-go person, and figuratively, give you the confidence to move forward. I’d say confidence comes from within, and having the right kind of product that can help make you look slick and dapper and put together will definitely add to that confidence.


The 2 oz (they also come in a 5 oz) aluminum tin presents itself very well. We have traditional art (I think that’s the genre of art?) where things are busy and very ornate, but it stands out, or pops out. That griffin or eagle tiger looking beast suits the tin’s top, and the description of the product is subtle and simple. Very straightforward.

One thing, however, the print is very small on the back where they list the ingredients and directions of use. Maybe it’s the size of the jar, but even for me, it’s hard to read.


Advertised as cognac and Cuban. Unfortunately, I do not have the experience of categorizing the scent of Cuba(n), but it does have a whiff of a dark alcohol. It’s a more heavy, musky, yet subtly sweet kind of scent.

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Original Pomade_Jar-2.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Original Pomade_Jar-3.jpg


It’s thick while having characteristics of being a water based gel pomade. The Con Moto Original Pomade has an even consistency throughout, and scooping it out of the jar was a buttery process.


Easy peazy. It was a very smooth application process, most likely due to the water in the product. I find that this lubricates the product as you spread it throughout your hair without the necessity of vigorously heating it up with your palms. Combing it was a cinch as well.


It starts out as a medium shine. However, as the day progressed, I would describe the shine as being low shine. You still have the oil characteristics present, so it’s still got that slickness.


Slick. It has the right amount of oil to weigh down my hair, but not too much where it starts activating the waves in my hair (I don’t even know what this process is called, but it has happened often with lighter oil based products).

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Original Pomade_BOD-8.jpg


Medium to Strong hold. More towards the strong hold side of things.


The Con Moto Original Pomade has a good amount of control. Good being a 7-8 out of 10, where combing my hair to a certain style is easy. I’m able to use a comb, or just my fingers, to style as needed. Some strays do fall out of place, but I could have used more product in this instance.

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Original Pomade_BOD-4.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Original Pomade_BOD-6.jpg


It proved to last basically the entire day. I had no issues of it “falling” out of place, but the hair did start to give a little near the end of the night. It felt like the product had diminished, leaving behind a medium hold on the hair. I’m sure taming your hair with a hairdrying prior or utilizing those pre-spray styling things would assist in making the product last longer.


Slight drying out from the product, but restyling is still feasible. Unfortunately, the more you restyle, the less the product will control/hold your hair. You might just be rubbing off the product at this point.


Very slightly.


The dryness isn’t apparent, mainly due to hiding behind the oily characteristics. I can feel it, but when I run my fingers through my hair, it’s still soft enough to restyle.


Needs shampoo to wash out completely. Thoroughly wash your hair if you need it all gone.

2019_The Pomp_Con Moto_Original Pomade_EOD-4.jpg


It’s suiting that this pomade came at the time it did, with the NBA Finals going on, (let’s go RAPTORS), and the brand being based in Toronto, Canada. The Con Moto Original Pomade presents itself in a fresh, ornate design. The pomade itself lives true to what it’s advertised, which is a medium shine, strong hold product. And indeed, it’s water soluble. I wonder how many products would say it’s water soluble and not be…hmm.

My thick and wavy hair responded well, lasting throughout a day of editing and running some errands. With the temperatures rising in Southern California, I am also surprised that this pomade lasted as long as it did while still maintaining the initial qualities. I can find myself using this pomade when I’m on the go. It’s easy to apply. It’s easy to style. And it’s easy to wash out if necessary. Next up, we have their Clay Pomade. This has now set the bar fairly high.