Dick Johnson's |  Original Pomade

And we’re back with a second product from the Dick Johnson line. This time, we’ve got their Original Pomade. It’s described as “INÉPUISABLE.” There website states “Inepuisable is French for `Endless´, and that’s exactly what this product offers; an endless look,” and I can definitely see the potential in that. Advertised as a medium-high shine with a medium hold, I expect this to fare against my wavy hair decently. I’ve always leaned more towards the looser, more casual look mainly because I have a huge head, which makes the hair look a bit oddly shaped.


Another copy/paste from the previous review…well…because it’s essentially the same design:

“The standard 100ml plastic container with an aluminum top. Gold accents on a black background. Can’t really go wrong with that. It’s a tad busy and the font is a bit hard to read, but overall still ornate to distinguish itself as a Dick Johnson product. Reminds me a bit of the Suavecito design and colorway, where dark backgrounds meet a yellow tonal highlight. “


Haribo Coke gummies. Or they describe it as whisky and coke. Either way, you get the sweetness of cola with that whisky aroma. It’s not strong or heavy of a scent.

2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_Jar-4.jpg
2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_Jar-2.jpg


Looks like a gel water-based pomade, but has some oil/wax consistency where the product still feels sticky. Evident ingredients are probably the Castor Oil and Dipropylene Glycol (decreases viscosity).

2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_Jar-3.jpg


It’s a wet process. From the initial application to the styling, you’re going to get a wet feel from the product. I’d compare this to a super light oil based pomade, where you feel a slight bit of weight on your height, but in exchange, you get increased slickness. For my thick and wavy hair, this is hard to style with, mainly because I already have to deal with so much weight. However, for those that want a more controlled, sleek, dapper kind of look, this is in your line of products. Combing it through had no problems.


Medium shine through the entire day. Even if the product “dried” out a bit, the shine was evident during the night time.


Slick. Like very slick. I’d say for finer hair, this will be superb in creating a very neat look.

2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_BOD-3.jpg


A solid medium hold.


There was moderate control to the point where my hair was able to be held up. I had a hard time styling and having shorter hairs stay in place, but that typically is only successful with stronger hold pomades (i.e., clays or heavy duty oil based pomades). Using a blowdryer could have helped, but that’s cheating. But take a look at the photos and see what I mean. It’s neat, but not completely around the shorter sides of my hair.

2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_BOD-4.jpg
2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_BOD-5.jpg


Bruh, this lasted me two days without any reapplication. That was jarring because at first I felt like I needed to wash things out mainly because of habit, however, I simply restyled it for the next half of the day and I was on my way. It’s weird that was still malleable at that point. Obviously not to the same extent as it was on the first day.


Not too shabby. The same results can be achieved throughout the day if need be.


Slightly. You get the sense that there’s oil in the pomade.


Not at all.


A solid shampooing will get you cleaned and fresh. Just like their Fibre Wax.

2019_Dick Johnson_Original Pomade_EOD-3.jpg


The versatility of the Original Pomade covers a wide range. It gives you slickness. It gives you restyleability. It gives you endurance and a good amount of shine and hold. Dick Johnson’s Original Pomade, described as INÉPUISABLE, lives up to its name. Unfortunately, for me, it was a bit more difficult to style my hair, given that it’s wavy and heavy to begin with. I was able to achieve a decent amount of slickness, however, I had a hard time taming things to the way I wanted them. Maybe I’m too use to the flexibility of clays at this point, but utilizing this product has brought me back to the good o’ days of oil based pomades without the headache of not being able to wash everything out.

Order now and you’ll get free shipping. Use code “THEPOMP” to save an extra 10%. They’re based in Finland and are produced in Finland, which makes it a super authentic Finnish product, and vegan friendly, if that’s on your preference.