We will be continuing with the “EXCUSE MY FRENCH” line from Dick Johnson with their GROOMING TONIC. It’s listed as FULGURANT, meaning “thunder” - it’s suppose to give you that HMPPHHH. Let’s go ahead and see what it does.


The GROOMING TONIC comes in a 200ml plastic squirt bottle with an aluminum top. Labeling is a bit better as you can better read the instructions on how to apply, but the ingredients remain tiny.

Another copy/paste from the previous review…well…because it’s essentially the same design:

“Gold accents on a black background. Can’t really go wrong with that. It’s a tad busy and the font is a bit hard to read, but overall still ornate to distinguish itself as a Dick Johnson product. Reminds me a bit of the Suavecito design and colorway, where dark backgrounds meet a yellow tonal highlight. “

Putting the 3 products next to each other is fairly neat.


Pure grapefruit.

2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-Flat Lay-1.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-Flat Lay-2.jpg


Olive oil. It’s thin and watery, but you still have a light sensation of thickness.

2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-Flat Lay-4.jpg


Super easy to apply. It’s mainly water so it will run through your hair quite easily. It’ll go on wet at first, and you won’t get too much hold, but once dried (naturally or with a blow dryer), it’ll give you the dryness/hold.


Some in the beginning, but that lasts for less than 5 minutes. Or at least down in CA where things dry up quick.


None at all. It’ll appear to give you a bit in the beginning, but once dried, it is a dry/matte product.

2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-BOD-3.jpg


It’s a med/strong hold, but read about control.


It was hard for me to obtain a good control utilizing the grooming tonic alone. This may be more suitable for those with shorter hair or thinner hair. Things fell out of place quickly, but in combination with the FIBRE WAX, we can alleviate issue. Again, the FIBRE WAX is a strong hold with a good amount of control, but it won’t add slickness. You’ll still get strays.

2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-BOD-4.jpg
2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-BOD-5.jpg


This was one of the problematic things with the GROOMING TONIC or lighter products in general for me. I tend to run fairly warm, and with the summer, I tend to perspire a good amount, and that tends to break down the products in my hair. Even with the FIBRE WAX, my hair began to fall out of place maybe hour 3 or 4, but not to the degree where I needed to fix everything. I went with a looser look (see photos). Things were finger combed throughout the day, but more and more strays began to appear. This was easily mediated by additional tonic.


Once it dries, that’s about it. You’re going to have to apply more if you want to restyle.




Fairly dry but not to the point of being crispy.


Easy. Can use only water if the GROOMING TONIC is used alone.

2019_The Pomp_Dick Johnson_Grooming Tonic-EOD-6.jpg


I typically don’t use tonics, so my experience is a bit limited on how to full utilize tonics; however, after asking around and watching videos, it doesn’t seem too complicated. If anything, it has my lazy days a lot lazier since I find using this to keep things out of my face has been very convenient. Will it be used as the sole product? No, but in combination with the FIBRE WAX, it can. Again, don’t expect slickness. I was able to achieve a bit more control/hold than I was able to with the FIBRE WAX alone. I’m excited to see how this will play out with the ORIGINAL POMADE though.

Order now and you’ll get free shipping. Use code “THEPOMP” to save an extra 10%. They’re based in Finland and are produced in Finland, which makes it a super authentic Finnish product, and vegan friendly, if that’s on your preference.