Texture Spray? What in the world is that? I really have no idea. O’douds created one, and it’s supposed to function in a myriad of ways: prestyler, standalone styler, or post-styler. A multidimensional product? Let’s dive into the details to see what this texture spray can really do. And figure out what it is…


Comes in an amber glass bottle with a plastic spray nozzle. Paper label with the usual branding of O’douds Apothecary. Simple and organic. You get 8 oz or 237mL per bottle.


Green tea and bergamot? I got more of an orange-y peel scent mixed in with what I presume to be bergamot. I should really go find out what this smells like. Think sweet citrus / acidic with a soft touch.


I don’t even know how to answer this. Give it a shake before use to make sure oils aren’t separating, but once sprayed, it’s basically a mist of water.


Psss. Psss. Psss. Super easy. Aim and spray boys. Aim and spray.


Initially, you think you’re getting a shine, but don’t be fooled, it’s just water. Give it an hour and you’ll be left with a matte finish.


I don’t know what it is, but the texture is very fine. Separation of my hair somehow transcended into different layers.


Super light, but just enough to keep my hair up. Use a blow dryer to tame your hair up, and this will help keep things in place. It’s not a slick product by any means, so you’re not going to have slickness throughout the day.


Enough for a combover I’d say. It’s got little control, but not to the point of being able to create a very tidy look. Think beach hair, or lazy Sunday hair.

2019_The Pomp_Shear Revival_Sea Clay Styling Balm_BOD-5.jpg


It kinda just stays in your hair until you wash it out. I wouldn’t necessarily judge this product by endurance really, since it’s not something that would allow for a super slick style. It gets weaker throughout the day, but it is already a light product to begin with.


It’s oils essentially. Easy to restyle and recomb.


Not really. Matte product so presumably non-greasy. Unless you use the entire bottle, you might get an amount of oil equal to one scoop of Murray’s Superior.


Dry but not to the point of Layrite’s prestyler. Layrite functions mainly as a pre-styler, and I assume it’s got hardening properties, but this doesn’t really harden, so the dryness isn’t there. But your hair doesn’t feel goopy either.


Easily rinsable without shampooing.


The last set of photos is how it functions as a post-styler. It adds a bit of a foundation to the Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte paste. In comparison, with the Northern Lights Matte paste alone, that’s about +10 in hold points, the O’Douds Texture Spray is about a +3, giving it the extra support. A very versatile product for sure. My main surprise was how much texture I was able to achieve. I really didn’t understand texture until this product. Hoping to discover more of what’s out there in regards to sprays now.