There are two firsts in this review. First time really reviewing Shear Revival without having James doing it prior, and first time utilizing a styling balm to replenish and condition the hair all the while being able to style.


Comes in a 1.75oz amber plastic container, which is easily TSA passable. The design falls in line with every Shear Revival product. As this is one of the first times I’ve looked at a Shear Revival product, it’s nice to see how they’ve evolved over the years. Designs are fairly similar, with minor upgrades on the shiny symbol/logo.


Advertised as a hand-blended bergamot, amber, and rosemary scent. Unfortunately, my experience only leads me to smelling mainly rosemary. Overall, a light, smooth scent.


Think of it as the middle between a dry paste/cream and an oil based product. It’s got a lotion like characteristic and essentially stress-free in scooping out.


Easy. Probably one of the easiest processes. Felt like I used a thick shampoo on dry hair, but finger combing it through had no resistance.


A natural shine. I call it a very low sheen.


Very light in texturing. See photos for reference, but I was able to achieve some layers and separation for texture in the hair. Not fine texture though.


Light hold. It’s light to where you won’t be able to pop up a high pomp and have it stand there. This is more for those slick back, pull aside hair styles where it’s very, very relaxed.


Minimum. You have enough control to pull your hair aside and have it not fall back down into your face. It’s an oil heavy product, so the weight of it holds your hair back on top of the wax and sea clay.

2019_The Pomp_Shear Revival_Sea Clay Styling Balm_BOD-5.jpg


It never really loses an endurance. What you get in the initial application and styling is what you end up with. Things do fall out of place, but this product wasn’t meant to stay slick throughout the day or provide a great amount of hold/control.


No issues in restyling. See Endurance. It’s basically an oil-based product without the greasiness.


After two days of usage, I had a small amount of buildup. But it doesn’t get greasy. I


It’s slightly oily, so your hair is definitely getting conditioned somewhat.


One shampoo and you’re good to go.

2019_The Pomp_Shear Revival_Sea Clay Styling Balm_EOD-5.jpg


Lightweight in nature with a natural sheen, the Loyal Sea Clay Styling Balm provides you with a replenishing product for when you go too hard on those pomades that strip out the oils and leave your hair/scalp too dry. BUT you also get the benefit of not looking like a mop or having to resort to wearing a hat. It allows for a very light styling while conditioning both your hair and scalp. Don’t forget, you can use this on your beard or to keep strays / fly aways down. It’s multipurpose, and unfortunately, my genetics do not allow me to grow much facial hair.