Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade Review

Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade Review

I had no idea before this review that the two new Byrd pomades are actually water-based. This was unexpected because the first original pomade they released was a waxy oil-based pomade. On top of that, my brother said this pomade will be too light for me. But then again, he don't know shit.

Today, we'll be looking at The Free Byrd -- more commonly known as Byrd Light Pomade.

Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade


The entire Byrd line of products are some of the most well-designed pomade jars I have ever seen. Even beyond their pomade line, the t-shirts are also very clean and aesthetically top-notch. They use only two colors throughout all their design: a vibrant yellow and low-gloss black. The label is very simple but beautiful. BYRD is written in a custom font while the nickname The Free is made in a complimentary font. Everything else is cleanly printed in what appears to be different variations of Gotham font  


The scent from the Byrd Light Pomade is...well...a light one. A very light one. There is a very light tone of the original scent, but the depth of the fragrance is more akin to a lotion or soap. The aroma comes out very well when applied, and still, it is a light lotion-like cologne smell.

Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade texture


Unlike a majority of other water-based pomades, this pomade has a consistency similar to a hybrid of Royal Crown Pomade and Cool Grease Z. It's not like a jelly nor is it like a paste. Water-based pomades that offer a new and alternative consistency are always a nice welcome to the market. I knew right away this wasn't a normal product as soon as I felt the consistency.


Standard or not, this is still a light pomade. It is very easy to apply. It won't get grippy or anything like that.


It is a very slick pomade -- even more so than any of the other non-drying water-based pomades. It is second to only Layrite Super Shine.


Similar to the slickness, it is second to only Layrite Super Shine and at about the same level at John Allan's Blu Pomade.


As a light pomade, the hold isn't its strongest feature, but the strength is there. Byrd Light Pomade is a product for only gifted hands. It is very possible to pomp higher with this pomade and most heavy pomades. You just need to know how to use it. Nevertheless, the brute strength is lacking, so you'll want some lengthy sides to be able to slick them down completely.


The control is pretty nice. Despite being a light pomade, your hair will fall where you want it. As you can see in the pictures, the shape and form of the pomp is both tight and natural at the same time. 

Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade pomp
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade shine
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade part
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade slickness
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade shine


This pomade never dries.


Because it never dries though, it never locks in and you'll be at risk of having your hair messed up throughout the day. I did have to restyle my hair, but this pomade super versatile. Whether it's combing back into a clean pomp or hand-combing into a loose pomp, it's easy to do. This makes endurance almost irrelevant for this pomade.


Super easy. Doesn't dry and stays slick.


Washes out 100% in one go.

Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade final pomp
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade final part
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade final slickness
Byrd 'The Free' Light Pomade final shine


This is the best light pomade I have ever used -- oil-based or water-based, doesn't matter. It is slick enough to style a clean and tight pompadour. Yet, at the same time, it is so balanced that you can also use it to style a loose pompadour. Byrd Light Pomade receives my seal of approval. 

For more information, check it out here.