[Updated] Deals | END. Clothing

Nike Komyuter -- $95 $149

Nothing can beat the original NikeLab ACG.07.MKTR -- those color schemes matched the overall feel of these shoes way better -- but I've seen these in person on my coworker, and they look very good. Also, that magnetic clasp is clean as fuhhh. The overall look is much more aggressive than my usual tastes. However, the lines are very sleek, clean, and tasteful. They don't have these in my size unfortunately, but hopefully they do for someone here.

A.P.C. Petit New Standard -- $129 $195

Iconic. Classic. It's hard to find a pair of selvedge (and even non-selvedge) jeans or pants with a better cut than the PNS. Skinny enough to follow your legs but not enough to grab at any point. Ain't nothing less appealing than bulgy calves and thunder thighs from a badly cut pair of jeans. Additionally, they're one of the few labels that do skinny with or without spandex. I like the way 100% cotton falls much better than when spandex and/or elastane is added. 

Common Projects Chelsea Boot -- $349 $495

Chelseas have always been around, but for such a simple shoe, labels have such a way with ruining the look. They feel the need to put stupid embellishments or make a loud cut to visually distinguish their design. I love Common Projects because they allow refine simplicity, quality construction, and absurd prices make them unique. Their chelsea boots are the best looking on the market. Hands down. I already have a pair, so it's hard to justify getting another one in a similar color way.

Clarks Original Weaver Boot -- $95 $135

Clarks Originals are probably the most cost effective option to get some beautiful shoes. I almost called them classic in a way, but to be honest, shoes like the Weaver Boot here are far from traditional. These, along with the Wallabies, are pretty cool and take a bit to rock. The Weaver Boot being significantly easier than the Wallabee. Also, I've always been satisfied whenever I get suede from Clarks. It's consistently supple and not dry like many other brands. And of course, their crepe sole is a must.