How does one improve on a formula like Arcadian Clay Pomade?

This was the first question we asked ourselves when we decided to embark on this collaborative project back in early February. It wasn't a question of excitement like, "How should we build on Eric's pre-existing formula?" Instead, it was a question grown from worry as in, "How can we possibly even improve on this formula?" Arcadian Clay Pomade is one of those very rare products that I use daily. I've even gone out of my way to keep a jar both in my locker at the gym and another in on my shelf at home. It's as smooth in your hands yet it provides unequaled texture in your hair. All with the lightest of weight and a balanced level of hold. 

After some thought, we came up empty-handed. We realized weren't asking the right question. This query lead us down an indeterminate path where we were attempting to move from good to better. Being more mindful of our design process, we sought out a new concept to tie together our thoughts and drive us in a more practical direction. Instead of posing a conceptually driving question, we figured constraint forces creativity and so, went headfirst by choosing our theme.

Thus, our project name was born. It was Eric who initially derived 'high-rise' from his personal interest in architectural design. To me, it was more than another word to describe a skyscraper. And come on, it would be absurdly cliché to simply say high-rise equals tall building and that equals tall pomp. Instead, high-rise embodies a higher style of life -- one that is designed with intent and abundantly intuitive. 

When you grow up with limitations, it's impossible to not dream of endlessness. Shit, I wanted it all. I wanted the vaulted ceilings. The light hardwood floors. Huge glass walls with variable tint. Wassily Chairs on the balcony. And Noguchi Coffee Table at the feet of my F 51 Sofa. All on this would be for my penthouse in the city. Oh, but let's not forget the Le Creuset French Press in Cream. This is the goal -- well, at least, on the surface. There's an underlying idea here, which is I wanted a designed lifestyle. One where everywhere I go and everything I interact with was designed with intention. Every last detail was driven by the idea that it would conjure a specific feeling in the user. This was the energy I wanted to bring with me into this project.

With the original Arcadian Clay Pomade, there is an incomparable level of texture. Rather than repeat this full range of texture, I wanted to hone in on the most aesthetic type for loose pompadours which is coarse. This texture provides separation for groups of hair while still allowing individual follicles to stick to one another -- staying in place. That way the user doesn't have to worry as much about strays. It was also necessary to up the strength and make styling and intuitive process. Plus, extra volume never hurt anyone. Lastly, it all had to be lightweight and clean. So, not only is it a intuitive process but has a luxurious feel that fits well any ambitious young adult. 

Below, the photo showcases one of the samples we formulated during the design process of this project. It was styled with extra texture in order to display the unique level of texture provided by our formula. It took months of minor tweaks to the balancing act between the tack of slickness and the grit of texture to hone in on this type of separation. A coarsely loose pompadour with full form that is befitting of someone who's mind never stops moving.

On a more practical note, let's get down to the logistics. Price has not be decided but will be once we figure out how much the manufacturing costs end up being. The release quantity will be limited as always and actually, will be slightly lower than the usual amount. This number is always based on the manufacturing limitations of the brewer and my desire to not overburden them. Just as with Cellar Door, there is currently no intention to make it a permanent product in anyone's product line, so once it's out -- it's out forever. 

Lastly, the release date. We're hoping to drop by the end of July. We'll let you all know of course once the final details are determined.