Lockhart's Professional Matte Clay

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/nDBDlTS5F9I

Last week, I was sitting around with a few homebrewers, and we agreed that Lockhart's can easily be crowned the King of Oil-Based Pomades. There's no fireworks with Steve and Nichole's pomades, but they are 100% solid and consistent. You'll be hard-pressed to find homebrewer with as strong of a line of greases and even better customer service to match. Now, they've released a whole new line of hair products and yes...these are the fireworks.

This product right here is Matte Clay as part of the Lockhart's Professional line. From what I hear, these were formulated at home by Steve and then passed onto a cosmetic lab to create on a larger scale. This is the first I've ever heard of anyone doing the whole lab-thing this way and DAMN. It made a difference.

Let's talk about the first good clay pomade to have come from our small community. We've seen clays before, but now we have good ones. I told you so. 


The design work of this jar is similar to the Authentic Line from Lockhart's. The label is a circular design with the same Great Gatsby-like font in the middle. Forreal. I think of Great Gatsby every time I see it. The design is clean and simple, but it's definitely becoming nostalgic for me. The jar itself has changed though. They no longer come in a tin can, and instead, they come in a plastic 3.7 oz. jar -- almost double that of the Baxter jars.


The scent is awesome. It reminds me of White. pomade and Pomps Not Dead, so you should be thinking along the Cool Water kinda aroma. However, this one is definitely better -- or at least, cleaner. It has a nice musk or something else to it that wraps it up nicely. Thumbs mutha fucking up.


When you look at the list of ingredients in this pomade, you'll notice that beeswax is the primary component, and then, you'll notice how tough the product is. It's definitely hard, but far from impossible to break it down. When it comes to these things (and application), I'm a sensitive boy, so if I say it's still reasonable, then you should be fine. The smear into a nice paste, but you'll still feel the grip of the wax.


As you can see in the video review, it's tough but completely reasonable. If I'm able to apply it as I did with my fine hair, then I'm sure you can do it. BUT! Remember to apply in small amounts. I say this in every video where I review a clay pomade, and you should definitely not forget it or you'll regret it. The wax in this product will grip your hair and be discomforting at time. However, it's still far from being as bad as some of the ultra-heavy greases.


It's a neutral matte. Doesn't take away much shine and definitely doesn't add any.


This pomade gives you texture, but in all honesty, not as much as some of the other clays we've seen. But at the same time, those clays were essentially useless...ssssooo we are still in process of discovering what the perfect balance of slickness, texture, and stickiness is. I think Matte Clay can push for more texture; however, the level it's at right now allows users to transition from clean or loose pomp pretty effortlessly.


Lots. You'll get effing lots of it. With how much I got, I have no idea how much you'd get if you choose to use a blow dryer. If you're into that cartoon character level volume, then go super-saiyan with it. This product provides you the potential to go down that path and at the same time, you don't have to.


The control is legit and definitely better than the other clay pomades we've seen up to this point (i.e. Baxter Clay). Control is an interesting characteristic when it comes to clay pomades. You want the control to put your hair where you want it, but you also want to give you hair some freedom to move a little after to let it go. This is where the clay comes into play as a mean to prevent some hairs from sticky and finding a structurally-sound position. Matte Clay can do with some less stick, but it's not to say it still didn't perform marvelously.


So, ummm..I didn't mention this in the video, but I had just come back from the bar. I have a tendency, when drinking, to mess my hair up and hand-comb it. Over time, this took out all the volume I had and left me with a loose slick-back which actually still looked good in a way. This pomade will last the standard eight-hour day, but really lose it afterwards. The thing is...a loose pompadour is purposely unstable, so it's not as much an issue with the pomade as with how you've styled your hair. 


Interestingly, it's highly dependent on the climate. If you're just under the air conditioner all day, then restyling might be difficult, The pomade will  not harden like gel, but things do settle into place and not want to budge easily. However, if you're out and about in the hot sun, you're hair stays all awesome and malleable. 


The cold will cause this pomade to harden up.


This product washes out completely in one go.


This product feels really clean and never really bothers. This was an issue with Baxter Clay because it felt really greasy. Matte Clay is nice and dry.


Lockhart's Professional Matte Clay receives my seal of approval. Hands down. I warned everything that the homebrewing/craft pomade community will slowly encapsulate and make huge improvements on pre-existing hair products. Clay pomades were the next step and the Matte Clay represents our first step. Don't get me wrong. There are always improvements to be made, but this is one hell of a product. And one that I intend to use on the daily.

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