Railcar Finegoods Supreme Hold Pomade Review

Video review above or here: http://youtu.be/c4_XgqBrR_4

I think it's been at least a year since we've last looked at Railcar Finegoods, but when my Spikes X001 were due for their annual repair, I took advantage of the moment and hit up Steven Dang to set up this review. In the pomade world, we know RFG for the amazing scent they have in their pomade, but the rest of the world knows about RFG for the craftsmanship that go into their jeans. They don't make anything flashy. Instead, all of their work is hidden in the subtle details and only discernible by the trained eye. Also, it's always nice to have an internationally-renown denim workshop nearby to stop in and get measured for a custom pair. 

This is the foundation of the company we're looking at. Solid. And today, we'll be looking at their latest pomade release which is the Railcar Finegoods Supreme Hold Water-Based Hair Dressing. We'll call it RFG Supreme Pomade for short.

This is a gel-pomade. I know I introduced the terms orthodox and unorthodox water-based to the community a year back, but I'd like to shift over to a more applicable set of terms. Water-based pomades, today, refer to the new set of products that perform almost identically to oil-based pomades but happen to have water as the primary ingredient. They don't necessarily need to wash out. Gel-pomades represent the products that we once referred to as water-based pomades such as Layrite, Suavecito, and Admiral. They are a hybrid between gels and pomade. They provide instant hold and eventually harden. 


RFG has gone through a rebranding. In all honesty, I liked their original branding. It has an aura of nostalgia about it that truly encapsulates (what I interpret to be) the spirit of Railcar Finegoods. Nevertheless, this is not to say they have lost their touch. The design work is still on point. With this jar, we're looking a clean 4 oz. clear-glass jar with paper labeling and a printed cap. The label has been reformatted to follow in line with the new modern logo, and it looks professional -- good kerning, altering fonts in the right places, and the eye naturally moves where it needs to.   


We've all been chasing after the perfect cologne scent for pomades. It's possible to put that scent in pomade, but to put a TRUE cologne scent in would literally throw the price of pomade off the charts. So, what we end up with is cheap-smelling products like Suavecito. However, Railcar Finegoods pomades have been the closest to matching the complexity of cologne. The smell is a fresh and floral one at first, but it follows up with a long and dragged out kick. It is truly the best-smelling gel-pomade we've ever seen.


It's like a half way between Admiral and Suavecito. So, instead of being straight-up like some jam or a brittle Jell-O, it's an easy-to-scoop-goop.


Despite being described as a supreme hold pomade, it is very easy to apply to hair. Literally, no discomfort at all. And actually, it's probably important to make this distinction here and now. Words used to describe a pomade's hold like firm, strong, and heavy say, or at least, SHOULD say something different about the product's hold. For example, RFG Supreme Pomade is a medium-strong hold product, but it is light in feel. This lightness in overall feel leads to its ease of application.


The pomade has some shine at the beginning of the day. But as you'll see in the pictures, it fades throughout the day like any other gel-pomade.


When you first apply the product for the next 15-20 minutes, the wetness of the pomade will make it pretty slick. This is important because it makes styling with the pomade MUCH easier than with other gel-pomades on the market. The water will evaporate later on, and the product will dry. However, this initial wetness is crucial for styling.


It has good hold -- just a touch above the standard hold. It may be significantly different from the updated Standard Hold pomade by RFG; however, in comparison to the original when it literally just released, this product is only a touch stronger -- if even. The big difference is the strength-to-weight ratio. This pomade is much more efficient in regards to provide as much hold as possible with as little weight as possible. This is awesome because it provides a tall and light pompadour while minimizing the discomfort of a goopy and sticky gel-pomade.


The video will prove it. Good hold, initial slickness, and light feel makes styling a breeze.


RFG Supreme Pomade is far from impervious. I mean, if you load in a palm-full of product than yeah...it probably will. However, the advantage of this product is its high strength-to-weight and so, you'll end up styling with as little product as possible. This makes your pomp sensitive, but restyling is a choice with this one.


It's not perfect, but reactivating with water or additional pomade is reasonable. You hold onto about 50% of the hold, which is relatively better than maybe other gel-pomades. The best choice is to come back in with a lick of pomade because it recaptures all the lost product and reactivates it all into a new pomp. Also, the product doesn't harden into a rock like other low-end gel-pomades, so you can rework with fingers or comb.


It definitely hardens. I mean...it's a gel-pomade. You should know this by now.


Washes out completely, and doesn't dry the hair out as much as other low-end gel-pomades.


Overall, Railcar Finegoods Supreme Pomade receives my seal of approval -- not for its performance but rather, the refined characteristics of this pomade. With gel-pomades, we can almost predict the performance characteristics by just squishing the product between our fingertips. Performance doesn't change very much between labels. Instead, we then look at the scent, design, presentation, cost, and overall quality of the product. Supreme Pomade has the best scent out of any other gel-pomade we've experience and is one of the cleanest options available to us. Plus, the price ain't bad.

If you're interested in checking out Railcar Finegoods Supreme Pomade for yourself, be sure to save a little bit of money by using our promo code THEPOMP and support RFG by buying direct. Check them out here: http://bit.ly/1KsHWVX