For Those Lit Nights (and Days)

For thee, I give unto thy thirsty ears -- two playlists. 

Greasy Beats is a continuation of the playlist we once had on Spotify. I've transitioned over to Apple Music for various reasons (and mistakes), but either way, I felt it was time to share with you all. This playlist is straight-up trap. It's what I listen to on the way to work, while working, and to sleep. You'll find crusty ass beats mixed with savage lyrics. Beautiful beautiful savagery. Artwork in and of itself.

Greasy and Lit is a new playlist we created for those truly lit nights. This is good as a prequel for you and yo boiz when you're ubering off to the club. Greasy Beats is that shit to get you ready to fucking rage. Greasy and Lit is the shit you pop and just fucking dance.