Weightlifting Tracker

While my mental health has been going down into the gutters during this summer internship, I've made a huge effort to get back into a workout routine -- something I haven't had since early high school. It started off as an effort to tire Yung Luna out every morning, but now it's expanded into a daily thing that I can't bare to skip.

Every morning -- before the sunrises -- I wake up and go on a short two-mile jog with Luna. Then, I go to work. First thing is to check emails and deal with any immediate items, but after, I go to the gym right away. It's become my little oasis amidst a shitty environment. Currently, I'll isolate between legs, chest & triceps, back & biceps, or shoulders every day. I'll expand to a more comprehensive, full-body schedule after this summer. This was all meant to be a spark, so I could get back into the flow.

Over the past five years, I haven't been able to surpass the numbers I recorded during my peak in high school. I just wasn't on a schedule anymore, so everything either became stagnant or went downhill. I'm happy to say though. I've officially surpassed ALL those numbers. It's good. It's real fucking good. 

* The decline in the data you see above have been attempts to refine form, and each dot represents one week.

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