A collection of millenials, fuccbois, and whatever else there is.

Growing up in the backwaters of Southern California and moving to Silicon Valley for college was fucking crazy. This is a place where you can pay more than $5,000 per month in rent but break six digits in an internship and make more money than your parents ever did before you ever leave college. Tesla cars are as common as Civics were back home and it's okay to drive a Maserati to pick up some groceries from Trader Joe's. You can love it and/or you can hate it. Simply put. It fucks up the mind.

In this project, I wanted to capture both physical bodies and mental states of the yappies from Stanford. By yappies, I'm referring to the young Asian-American professionals that are currently in, on the way out, or recently graduated from college -- professional as in academically privileged. I think there is something interesting to be captured and inferred from what these yaps have on their mind during this sensitive time of transition. The goal was to simply capture and then allow the dots to connect themselves -- if they ever even.

I reached out to a wide range of API students and alumnus from Stanford. It was a mixture of people I know extremely well and others who were mere acquaintances. During the first meeting, I asked the subject to choose a place that they considered to be their space for a portrait and had them take on a neutral state. Then, during the second meeting, I printed out their photo and sat down with them to write the commentary you see below. The prompt was informally, "What's on your mind right now?"