These instructions are intended to provide a workaround to the issue of multiple items in an order. If you have questions at any time, please stop and email me at

Multiple items require fulfillment from multiple parties and multiple ShipStation accounts but with one Squarespace store. Marking an order (split or not) as fulfilled with marked the corresponding order number in the Squarespace store as fulfilled. If the other party has not synced and imported the order prior to any other party marking the order as fulfilled, then it will be directed straight into the 'shipped' category. The multiple item order will NOT wait for fulfillment by ALL parties until being marked as fulfilled in the storeThis makes it possible for multiple items to be marked as fulfilled before and without being fully shipped by all.

Warning. This is more of a workaround than a solution. These instructions will help you split the order, avoid marking the order as fulfilled, and notify the buyer directly via ShipStation. This prevents the multiple item order from ever being falsely marked as fulfilled and provides the buyer with tracking number plus line item breakdown of each shipment. The downside is the marketplace (The Approved List) and I will not be notified of order fulfillment nor informed of shipment information.


Creating a new colored tag to designate shared orders of multiple line items.

Make sure the new tag name and color is clear to you.

Create a new automation rule that will tag orders with multiple line items and apply necessary modifications to process.

This rule applies to items with more than one line item and from my store. In combination with the rule made when you first joined The Approved List, you will only receive multiple item orders with your products in it. If the order passes the criteria, it is given a tag, made to not notify my store of shipment, and email the buyer directly.

If you already have multiple item orders sitting in your AWAITING SHIPMENT, then you'll need to reprocess the automation rules on those open orders.

This shows you how to split orders.

Do not forget to change the new order number back to the original order for the customer. Also, be sure to move ALL your items to the new order. Don't worry about changing the order total or any additional information below, it is typically fixed automatically. If it doesn't, then information doesn't matter anyways.

OPTIONAL: After you split the order, you'll be left with the irrelevant order with other partners' products. Feel free to use the cancel feature to remove them from your AWAITING SHIPMENT.

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Your ShipStation account is now automated to tag multiple item orders, notify the buyer upon shipment, and not notify the marketplace. You can essentially proceed as normal from here. If you have any additional questions, please email me at