W H A T   I S   T H E   A P P R O V E D   L I S T ?

This is our latest addition to The Pomp. It is a very small and even more selective store that offers what we consider to be the absolute finest pomades offered by the homebrewer's market. Our goal is to optimize the experience of both the consumer and brewer in a way that provides you with only the best and of course, at the best price. We've used our connections and leverage to make it as easy as possible for you to buy this community's favorite pomades without shipping costs¹ and minimal retail markups.

W H Y   S H O U L D   I   B U Y   F R O M   H E R E   V E R S U S   O T H E R   R E T A I L E R S ?

Similar to our Discounts program, our goal is to support small business and help them gain a firm foothold in our market. We provide premium wholesale rates to our brewers. We openly match and exceed what other retailers pay these brewers, and we do this to solely put more money in their pocket. This is all in hope that it helps to grow their business and continue progress within our niche market. Aside from that, we promise to offer the most updated formula for each of these pomades -- unless noted otherwise. Unlike other retailers who may be selling you last year's product sitting in inventory, we've created a unique model between our brewers to insure you're never given outdated products. This is crucial in our market where homebrewers' formulas are consistently in flux and being improved upon. 

W H Y   S H O U L D   I   B U Y   F R O M   H E R E   V E R S U S   D I R E C T L Y   F R O M   T H E   H O M E B R E W E R ?

In all honesty, if you don't mind paying a slightly higher cost, then you are more than welcome to purchase directly from the brewer, and they will be thankful for it. What we offer here is a slightly cheaper option for what we consider to be the best of what these top homebrewers have to offer. Thanks to our free shipping policy¹, the price you see is what you pay and less than the price you get with brewers after shipping costs. We see this store as a gateway for you to be introduced to the unique offerings of each homebrewer in a way that it easy, affordable, and still financially friendly to the brewer. If you would like to purchase multiple items from the brewer or something we don't offer on The Approved List, then that is why we provide you with the Discounts program. That would be your alternative choice. Simply put, we used the power you've given us by giving better prices back at you.

C A N   I   B U Y   M U L T I P L E   A N D   D I F F E R E N T   I T E M S   I N   O N E   O R D E R ?

As of 5/6/2016, we will have created the shopping cart feature, so that you can easily add as many items and from different brewers as you'd like. They will still be shipped out from different locations and possible arrive at different times in separate packages. You will receive separate tracking numbers from each brewer.

Yes, but you're making things more difficult for our system and may be causing a delay in your order's fulfillment. The reason why we take you directly to your shopping cart is to isolate each order with only one type of item. This is optimal for our automated system and allows each brewer to only receive the information relevant to them. As of 5/2/2016, Squarespace has allowed user to use the back button and retain the items in their cart and thus, making it possible to do this. We highly recommend that you do not.

W H Y   D I D   I   R E C E I V E   M O R E   T H A N   O N E   T R A C K I N G   N U M B E R   F O R   M Y   O R D E R ?

It's because you placed an order with multiple and different items. Depending on what you bought, your items may be coming from two, three, or maybe even four different sources. Each brand of product will be shipped directly from the brewer, so until Squarespace and ShipStation fix this issue, you'll be receiving multiple tracking numbers for the same order number.

W H A T   A R E   Y O U R   S H I P P I N G   R A T E S ?

For our US residents, we offer one and only one rate: the free standard shipping. In our unique model, you are actually receiving the product directly from the brewer, and because of this, your delivery time is at the discretion of the brewer. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DELAY by ordering through us in comparison to ordering directly from the brewer; however, in turn, we are subject to any delays the brewer is facing (i.e. low stock, shipment delays, missing ingredients, etc.). We've developed a highly automated back-end system to optimize order response times and cut out the cost of third-party entities (which other retailers usually pass onto you). If the brewer provides us with a tracking number, then we will pass that tracking number onto you. For more information, please refer to each individual brewer's website for their standard shipping information.

W H Y   I S   T H E   S E L E C T I O N   S O   L I M I T E D ? 

Unlike the rest of the world, we don't feel the need to offer you something we wouldn't use ourselves. The idea is to cut out the clutter. The Pomp is the world's premier reviewer and connoisseur of hair pomade. In turn, The Approved List is the world's premier selection and offering of hair pomade. Nevertheless, we will be expanded exponentially very soon.

W H Y   D O N ' T   Y O U   S H I P   I N T E R N A T I O N A L L Y ? 

While we are still in our larva state, we have chosen to only offer our products to addresses within the U.S. This allows us to address local issues between tackling the even larger logistical challenge of shipping internationally. We appreciate your understanding. Also, please do not expect free shipping to apply to international addresses.

¹Free shipping applies only within the United States of America.